Saturday, November 29, 2008

Exams Time

My semester exams are scheduled to start from 19th of december. Not being serious towards studies and closed-eye answer sheet evaluation of my university, in previous two years I got quite a few unexpected setbacks with some bad results. Although, I've never been the brightest performer in my class but I had never performed so badly in the past as I performed here. I was always well above average and in the top 10% in my class which has now gone down to 20%. With a hope to pay attention towards studies this time, I decided to pack up my computer. I analysed the causes of academic deterioration and found that my computer was the prime source of distraction. I always used to be busy with the PC, googling for stuff, reading blogs, orkutting, managing my WAP site, playing games and watching movies and neglecting the book stuff and read them seriously only in the last 10 days before exams. Hope, this time I come up with a nicer result :) I've noticed an improvement in the last two days. I've started to love course books and getting flared towards reading them. Hope this goes on.
I packed up my PC, so how am I writing this blog post?? My phone is here with me and is a great alternative to my PC for net surfing, reading documents and pdfs, searching wikipedia for academic stuff and more, apart from blogging. I've three different ways to post. The first one is the built in browser Opera8 on the P1i. Opera9 and Ozone don't seem to work perfectly. Opera Mini 4.2 has a limit on number of characters. Mini Mod works fine but I don't use it much. The second one is Blogger Mobile application. It is nice too but is more oriented towards photo blogging. The third one which I prefer is Mail-to-Blogger. I just need to send a mail to an specified address. The title of the mail becomes the subject of the blog post, the text becomes the post. My phone's built in mail client has no limit on number of characters and typing on P1i's QWERTY keyboard is fast as Schumaker for me so this option fits best for me and I can type quickly and fastly and write on and on and on...
And since the phone is fully equipped at net so to avoid distraction from it I change the APN in internet accounts always after using so that un-necessarily I won't connect as it takes some time to tinker with the settings to fix it. A couple of hours in the evening and a few minutes in the morning after waking up is sufficient.
This much is enough for now. Stay tuned. The next post will be on e-mail client configuration on Sony Ericsson phones. Most SE users aren't aware that there is such a nice e-mail client on their phones. So for their awareness.

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