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M.Tech CS - Admissions through GATE - Analysis 2011

This blog post has content specific to those:

  • who belong to CS
  • who are under 460 rank in GATE
  • who are in General category
If you don't belong to the category described above, you may still read on because you may find some interesting information in this post.

If you are just preparing for GATE, you should solve more and more questions. And for that I would recommend GKP Publisher's Question Bank. Although there are some mistakes in the book for solutions to some problems, but I recommend this book solely for the huge collection of problems it has.

GATE CS has become very competitive and the competition is increasing every year at an alarming rate. In GATE 2009 only 41000 candidates appeared in CS. The number increased to 107086 in 2010, mostly contributed by recession and lack of job opportunities in IT sector. In 2011 amazingly the number of candidates rose to 136291(last rank was 136027 but exact number of candidates who appeared in the exam was 136291) although recession had retreated and jobs were available in plenty. This shows the increasing interest of Indian youth towards masters degree.

GATE - Who takes it? Why?

Now lets know who are the people who opt to pursue M.Tech and why?

Broadly, there are three kinds of people who want to pursue M.Tech from IITs. The first kind is like me, who want better placement opportunities in reputed companies like Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Directi, Intel, Facebook, Yahoo! , Adobe etc. which are unavailable to most students who haven't done B.Tech from NITs or some other better colleges other than IITs. It is considered that these companies not only give you a well paid and reputed job that doesn't insult your talent but also give a great life and corporate culture. After doing B.Tech from private engineering colleges most of the students are absorbed by TCS, Wipro, Infosys and a couple of other mass recruiters. Once you land in these companies and get under some nasty manager you will realize that a labour working hard carrying bricks in the sun has a better life than you. Sometimes in these companies, you'll feel that the people above you are no match for your talent and still they are making more money(being there for more time than you) than you and also load you with stuff to do in a day that would require at least a week! This high profile bureaucracy prevailing in these companies and the plight of newly entered Software Engineers can't be felt by those who have never been victims of this, and can't be expressed by those who are already facing this thanks to their lack of time. Also you are trained like dogs and put to any job profile according to their wish. The field you are put into may be the one you hated most during your B.Tech, for example Testing. So, for these students M.Tech from IITs apparently, is the only saviour.
The second category of students is the one who want to pursue M.Tech then after making pretty sum of money and enjoying vibrant lifestyle, want to pursue Ph.D and then enter the academic field with cravings for being professors in top institutions.
The third category consists of the people who are dedicated to research only. They want to do researches through out their life, put forward some remarkable new findings, get them popular enough to find place in some textbooks. So our next generations when don't understand their algorithms/formula/theorems abuse them saying who on earth on what unlucky day gave this freaking theorem I can't mug up to vomit in my exam!!!!
There is another narrow overlapping category consisting of people who missed IIT-JEE by a few marks, and now want to fulfill their dream of being an IITian, through the GATE way!

The top institutes analyzed

I would focus on the eight best institutes according to the candidate's choices. All the IITs are the best and saying that one is better than other would be like writing an algorithm to sort an array of equal elements!!!! All of them are the best. But here I would like to rank them according to the students' tastes. The taste of students is driven by the specializations they want to pursue and the no. of professors in that specialization in particular IIT, lifestyle at the institute, placements and a couple of other aspects like regional inclination for example most north Indian people prefer IIT Delhi over Madras and south Indians do the other way round.

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore is the undisputed champion when it comes to research. It ranks first in India in terms of research output. Getting into it is equally tough. There are two flagship programs for Computer Science graduates. The ME in Computer Science program is open only for direct admission. If you have an All India Rank of under 45 in GATE then you may expect a direct admission call in this program. Another program called ME in Systems Science and Automation requires you to pass their own written test and interview. The candidates are shortlisted based on GATE scores and called for written test and interview. I am not sure upto how much rank they call for this program.
The third program for CS graduates is M.Sc Eng. For this program too you should have a good GATE score. But generally upto around 1000 rank people are called for written test and interview. IISc is highly mathematics inclined. If maths is not your cup of tea then it is almost impossible to get into SSA or M.Sc Eng. even though you have a very very high GATE score. The interviews and written are generally maths oriented.
Research wise IISc is the best. But placements in IISc are not considered to be as great as compared to top IITs like Bombay, Madras and Delhi. Although no one remains unplaced after going through IISc for 2 years rigorously but not all companies that visit IITs are aware of IISc. Moreover in IITs the placements are managed professionally and each IIT has a separate placement cell whose sole purpose is to get companies. But in IISc, professors do it in their spare time.
If you want to apply for IISc then do it early because last date for application submission is generally 2 or 3 days after declaration of GATE result(15 March) i.e. 17 or 18th March.

IIT Bombay
IIT Bombay's flagship program for CS graduates is M.Tech in Computer Science(TA). This program accepts only direct admits. In 2011 last GATE rank offered admission in 4th list in general category is 104. In 2010 it was above 125. GATE score cutoff is 868 for general category in 4th list in 2011. IIT Bombay is the most popular choice for toppers who get under 100 rank. Backed by highly paid placement offers, the vibrant lifestyle of Mumbai and a very large Computer Science faculty group, IIT-B houses top performers of GATE.
Here is the admission summary of 2011.
So, if you are under hundred rank in GATE you can be sure to get admitted there.
There is also an RA program which is of 3 years where you are assigned on some project and you have to serve for 20 hours a week instead of 8 hours in TA. In return you get Rs.1000 extra as stipend.
The admission offer lists of IIT Bombay are declared first, among all IITs.
In IIT-B there are other interdisciplinary programs like Geoinformatics where you can get in even if you are not in top 100. There you may take CS branch electives and get placed in software development field. But I wont get into details for these workarounds to get inside IIT Bombay. I'll talk only about programs of excellence in top institutes.
IIT Bombay is best choice if you are just course and placement oriented and not much of research oriented.

IIT Kanpur
IIT Kanpur is 2nd best choice for research oriented people. It is considered that, after IISc the name of IIT-K is taken for research.
IIT-K has 38 seats for general(as of 2011). They first declare a direct admit list. You can make into this list if you are under 70 rank in GATE. But generally around 5-6 highly motivated students take direct admission here. Rest join IIT-B. To fill the rest seats IIT-K conducts a written test and interview. They called upto 460 rank(in 2011) for written. The written comprised of aptitude questions which has very high percentage of application of probability distributions. If you are not good at probability distributions you may not get through the written test. 93 people( from all categories) were selected in written test. I was also one of them(luckily). Then you have to get through an interview. If you have high marks in written test then interview is pretty formal. But if you have lower marks then it is tougher and even if you answer their 50% questions and show good approach in trying to solve the problem you will get through the interview. I couldn't get through the interview. I had a very low score in written(just above the cutoff) because I am very bad at probability distributions. They asked me just 2 questions and they were sure that I am not worth IIT-K :P
I am also not that research oriented and so I knew IIT-K M.Tech isn't my cup of tea.
I met a senior and he advised me to join IIT-D or M instead of IIT-K if placements is my only aim. He also threw some light on doing M.Tech from IIT-K. According to him, it is quite tough in academics and building good CGPA is a very difficult task here. Also, if the professors are not satisfied with your thesis work, then your M.Tech may get extended for 6 months at a time. It is like a mini Ph.D.
So, join IIT-K if you are highly motivated towards research and dare to take on.

IIT Delhi is a great institute for placement oriented students. Being in the national capital surrounded by IT hubs of north India i.e. Noida and Gurgaon results in great placements. IIT Delhi has 4 programmes for CS students. MCS is the flagship programme which is M.Tech in Computer Science. JCA is an interdisciplinary programme run by maths department along with CS department which is Computer Applications. Computer Technology(EET) programme is another interdisciplinary course run by EE and CS departments. Placements are great in all these programmes. VDTT i.e. VLSI Design: Tools and Technology is also a great programme for people with inclination towards electronics. It has very high paying placement offers. Apart from this there is also MS but it has a very few seats.
The admission to all these courses is through an interview. There is no written test. You are shortlisted through GATE score and have to crack an interview to get into these. VDTT course also involves an interview with your sponsoring company which will pay all your fees and other expenses during your M.Tech and you may even get PPO(pre placement offer) if you perform well.
In 2011 cut off for MCS and MS have been GATE score 760. For other courses it was lesser. In JCA 750 was the cutoff for interview and 850 and 75% or 8.5 GPA would get you a direct admit in JCA. For VDTT the cut off for CS was 700. For EET too the criteria was similar to JCA. All courses have great placements but preference wise you should opt for MCS>JCA>EET. And if you want to do something in VLSI field then VDTT is a great option.
IIT Delhi has world class faculty for Algorithms. Prof. Naveen Garg is renowned in this field. Moreover Computer Networks, Computer Vision and Graphics are great here with very good professors. If you are interested in Databases then IIT Delhi is not for you because no good professors for databases are there.
Those who want to know about JCA may read this blog post written by an alumni of M.Tech CS at IIT Delhi who is currently working for Amazon: 

Or this blog post by a current student of JCA

IIT Madras
IIT Madras offers only direct admissions based on GATE score. In first list upto 101 rank people were called. The cut off for 2nd list was rank 155 and in 3rd list it went above 175. IIT Madras has great placements being near Bangalore and Hyderabad. It is considered very good for Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing. Also Computer Networks, Cryptography, Network Security are considered good here. I got admission in IIT Madras. I'll post more about IIT Madras when I get there and get to know the institute more. There is also a second phase of registrations in IIT Madras if the seats are vacant after fourth offer. People upto rank 500 are advised to register for it and who haven't got any other IITs yet, may get spot admission offers.
IIT Madras has one of the finest campuses in India and it is run in collaboration with German government. Some students also get opportunities for DAAD fellowships. Many north Indian students don't opt for it because of confrontation with newer culture, language and food style. But, I don't think these things are problems. After all, we should experience different kinds of lifestyles during our life and adapt the good traits from wherever possible :-) Moreover, as far as I know IIT Madras has north Indian mess for people who are scared of food changes.

IIT Kharagpur
Most students with top ranks don't like to opt for IIT Kharagpur citing that the quality of faculty is not as great as the top 4 IITs for M.Tech in CS. IIT-KGP is one of the best institutes in the country for B.Tech in various engineering streams. I don't have much details about it. The admission process is through interview. 70% weightage is given to GATE score and 30% to interview performance. Many people don't want to go to Kharagpur because it is a very small city and doesn't extend much after the IIT. So you can't enjoy the lifestyle of Delhi, Bombay, Chennai and Bangalore.

IIT Roorkee & Guwahati
These two institutes are the new institutes. IIT-G was setup in 1995 and IIT Roorkee got the IIT status in 2001. Most of the top rankers don't want to join these. In Roorkee, Computer Networks is good. Admission is purely based on GATE score(as of 2011). In Guwahati the cut off for written test and interviews was 55 marks in GATE. The placements are good in both these institutes too but not at par with other IITs because of being in locations a bit far from metropolis.

I guess I posted information relevant for people in knowing the institutes and making choices. Please don't ask me what is the average, lowest and highest placement package in a particular institute. I only know one thing that you will reap what you sow. In IIT placements you will be rewarded based upon your caliber.
All the best!


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Sumit Kumar said...

Hi Prabhakar. Ita really a very nice & helpful post for M.Tech CS Aspirants at IITs. Just wanted to thankyou for this! Hoping to get in one of the Top 4 this year!

Eddy said...

thanx for this it really inspires

Hemanth said...

Hi nice blog.. great job.. I have got AIR 78 in gate 2012 and I passed out in the year 2008. I have worked in a company for 1 year and then left it and joined a teaching position in local engineering college for 2 years.. My question is will this education gap put me in trouble during admissions or during placements...

prab97 said...

With AIR 78 you will get direct admit calls from almost everywhere. So you don't need to worry about your admission. And for placements also, the gap doesn't matter. At the end of the day the interviewers should be convinced that you can perform the tasks assigned to you perfectly. Thats what they look for.

subhajit said...

hi ,
i am frm mechanical,,,as per 2012 gate i am getting 5800 rank,score 457,marks -40.67,
with SC reservation and from previous yr cut off ,i am sure to get iitguwahati,(can not say about the other iits)..and this year about 800 guys will be taken in mechanical through psu(dvc,ntpc,bhel) and due to thiese guys @40.67 mrks,this yr rank got degraded(even @this mrks prevs yr rank was better than this yr though qstn in gate 11 mechanical was easier).
i want some advice that if i get iitg(suppose) will i take it,
bcoz i want prep for gate 13 and much confident to get rnk within 300(bcoz i made some stupid mistakes this yr and due to not taking gate seriously and not taking mock tests-i think)

so what would you suggest?
(my family has no financial prob)

plz help....

Shubham said...

With AIR 642 in cs branch can i expect admission in iits??

prab97 said...

@subhajit You may also consider getting admitted to IITG or any other IIT whichever you get and start studying. If you are not satisfied with that IIT during your study, then next time you can write GATE again. While studying in an IIT you have far better chances of cracking GATE with very good marks than by self studying.

@Shubham Its difficult. You can't get M.Tech easily. Try for IIT Bombay RA. You can have chance of getting it if you have work ex and are proficient with practical aspects of computers. Also, you may try for MS at IIT Madras if your B.Tech level maths i.e. probability and statistics, numerical methods etc. is good.

Santosh said...

I feel myself fortunate to read this great article before applying to any institute.
In GATE'12, luckily I've got AIR 34 and GATE Score 911(What's it? Does it matter?). I am considering three institutes: IITB, IISc and IITK for admission. After M.Tech, instead of joining any MNC, I am going to join some college near my place or will start some GATE coaching.
During two years of M.Tech, I would like to study (or perform research in) Algorithms and Security. Which
institute should I opt for?

I've heard that there is no Internet facility in IISc hostels.
IITB is nearest one from my place, and so , naturally, I've inclination towards the same.

pavkart said...

Hi Prabha,
ur post is very informative. I got 370 rank and 748 score in cs gate'12. what are my chances for iitm? In which iits can i get a seat?

thank you.

prab97 said...

@santosh Congrats for AIR34!!! You will get direct admit calls from your 3 favourite institutes. Its great to know that you will not consider an MNC.But, teaching in a normal engg. college I won't recommend. It would be better if you do a Ph.D afterwards and become a professor in a new IIT and do some cutting edge research there. All the three three institutes you have chsen are good for Algorithms and Security. But I would recommend IISc, and IITK to be preferred over IIT-B if you are more research oriented than placements oriented. I don't think that the information about internet in IISc. hostels that you got is correct. But I will verify this from a friend of mine who is in IISc and post here

prab97 said...

@pavkart At 370 you can't get into IITM M.Tech(if in General). But you may try and get IITM MS, IITB RA, IITK M.Tech, IITD M.Tech. You will have to perform well in their written tests and interviews. For IITB RA, if you have a work ex. it will probably be a piece of cake.

Rohit said...

hello Sir,

I am from mechanical and appeared for gate 2012, nd made it to only 42.67 with 4900 rank. now m confused about my future....i dont know whether i am going to get any college or not with this high rank. plz help deciding my colleges or should i try with the gate next time?

sahil said...

hi ,very helpful post indeed
I got 788AIR in gate cs 2012 with 679 score and I want to get into IITD ...what are my chances... can i get admission i IITS with this score..Please guide me..

Vijay jain said...




Anirban Chakraborty said...

Hello Sir...
My GATE 2012 CS GEN AIR is 486
Score is 786
I am applying to all IITS..
What is your view regarding IITG IITR IITKGP...
I have also applied for VLSI TOOLS in IITD

Plz give your opinions

Deepak Chhikara said...

Hi prabhakar, thanks bro for such a good information.I got a AIR 169 in CSE.what are the best options for me, i have interest in artificial intelligence.and what should i prepare for written and interviews?

prab97 said...

@Rohit Trying GATE2013 will be better for you. 4900 rank won't fetch you any good college

@Sahil with 788 you can't get M.Tech in any IIT(if in General category). But you can try for MS and in that too you have to perform exceptionally well to get through. A better bet would be to try for new IITs

@Vijay Jain You have fair chances of getting into IITs. But for that you should perform well in written test and interviews. You can't get direct admit offers from IITs. For preparation strengthen your maths and revise the GATE CS syllabus. Focus on probability and combinatorics, numerical methods, discrete maths(from Rossen book)

@dexter You will get direct admit call from IITM. Accept it! AI is good here.

@Anirban 486 is a bit difficult. Luck+exceptional performance can lead you somewhere. IITR G KGP etc are fine but not as good for M.Tech CS as the top 4

hari said...

hi , nice job... i have got AIR 49 and gate score is 888 in gate 2012..what about my chance in iitb and iisc?

Parag jain said...

hello sir,

i got Air 540 in gen category. What are my chances for admission in any of iits.??

which branches i should prefer??

Karan Chugh said...

Thanks for your guidance Sir.
I have got AIR-95 in gate cs general category.
What are my chances of getting into IIT Bombay. I am concern about that, this time all students are of final year or already pass outs

prab97 said...

@hari With AIR49 you will get IIT-B for sure. From IISc too you will most probably get a direct admit call. But if not then you have to clear their written test and interviews.

@parag AIR 540 is difficult. You may try JCA or EET at IIT Delhi, or MS at IITM, RA at IITB

@Karan chugh
With AIR95 you should get IIT Bombay in 3rd or 4th list.

Nikhil Bhoyar said...

Hi , I got marks:59.67
I am not interested in 3 year program.I am currently working in some it company..please tell me what to do

arpit said...

Hi sir
i am arpit agrawal
gate score 679
air 872
please tell me in which college i can get the admission

Unknown said...

Hi, i am a final year student from pune got a score of 49 and a rank of 2790 in GATE-CS 2012,can i expect admission in south NITs or please suggest me some other colleges with good placements and faculty with this rank.
wheather to give GATE again next year and go for the job or this marks are sufficient for NITs?

prab97 said...

@Nikhil Try for MS at IITM or D and M.Tech at IITK but chances are very feeble. You can get it if you perform outstanding in written test and interviews.

@Arpit You can get NITs, but I won't recommend that. Try again next year while doing something like job or studying somewhere. Don't waste an year just preparing for GATE

@Irfan 2790 is difficult. You can try for IIITs. NITs are difficult too with this rank. It would be better to try again next year while doing a job.

Unknown said...

hi there, i got AIR 16,000 which college i can get??

vikas dhiman said...

You are doing a wonderful job here.I have a query.I am 2011 pass out in cs with just 58% agg in my just qualified gate 2012.I want to give gate 2013 with full preparation
and i think i can score question is that if a manage to get in top 50(just imagine).Can i get into IISC,IIT K or IIT M.I want to go into research field.All i mean to say if i prove in gate will they consider me apart my poor academic record.plz help me.thanking you

siddharth khasgiwala said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
siddharth khasgiwala said...


hats off to your blogg-ing passion.
Your blog traces will help people years after other

Well would like to take suggestion.
I got 2782 AIR {98.21%ile }, 548/1000, 49/100 in CS -GATE-2012
2010 batch pass-out{3 backlogs 3rd,6th&7th sem (all cleared in consecutive sem's ) 7.43PPI},
, in mere 30 days prep. Gateforum material.

worked in TCS for 10 months 2010passout. As of now not having any job in hand. filling forms of DAIICTE,BITSpilani,IIIT-hyd,bang,allah

My prime focus is good placement,

what should be the list of coll that i shud target, and many pple are asking y m not preparing for GRE, to be frank i do not have ans {apart from the fact i am not good in mugging words}
A typical type of dilemma I am in.

prab97 said...

@Unknown With 16000 don't expect anything except trying for GATE2013

@Vikas Dhiman
Except for a couple of IITs, others don't have a 60% criteria so don't worry about ur B.Tech percentage. Just prepare well with passion.

Try for IIITs. Although you it's difficult to grab great placements from them but still you will get good opportunities.
And for GRE, you can prepare for 'subject GRE' which doesn't require mugging up words. They have CS questions.

BKD said...

I got AIR 308 / 65 out of 100 / 766 out of 1000. I saw that you are recommending people upto 360-380 ranks to try for IITB RA. Can you elaborate a bit more on this position's application process. Its confusing as you wrote in your post that IITB admitted till rank 104 in general category. If this is true then what else I can do to try for IITB Research Assistant? I also have 2.7 years experience in TCS. Would this help anyway with RA?

Do we get a call for RA or we need to apply separately... because if we dont get the interview call itself then how can one try for RA with rank 370 (as you mentioned to @pavkart in your comment)...? Just confused :)

prab97 said...

104 closing rank was for TA category. For RA they call upto 1200 rank. A 2+ year experience will be great and should help you a lot. Rest depends on your interview.

Chiranjit@ said...

Hi Pravakar,
I am from IN stream...ranked AIR 371 in GATE 2012; SCORE 534, Marks 35.67...! please suggest in Which IITs i could have a reasonable apply(MS or MTECH)? said...

Hi Prabhakar, you are doing a great job...thanks for blogging....
I did my B.Tech in ECE(2009 pass out).working in TCS(1 year exp. till now).I am inclined to mathematics and I wish to do M.TECH in CSE(Theoretical computer science)probably in 2013.Which IIT is best for theoretical CS? Will my B.Tech background create any problem in placement in a top-notch company?
please help.
Thanks in advance.

Meet the HERO said...

I have 486 rank in CS(general) with 725 score in gate 2012..which one of the IITs(I haven't applied for IIT-B and IIT-Roo)would call me for interview/written test and what are my chances??

prab97 said...

@Chiranjit I don't know about IN stream but probably you will get calls from most of the IITs. Apply for all of them. Also check for programs other than IN in IITs as many of the programs allow IN to apply. Most of the top notch companies won't prefer people who are into Theoretical Computer Science ONLY. They demand strong programming/algorithmic and software engineering skills from the students. Theoriticists are preferred by some research labs. But yeah, if you are a good programmer/algorithmist they will take you. EC background won't matter.
@Hero Madras won't call you for M.Tech, they will call for MS. Bombay won't call you for TA, they will call for RA. Apart from these all should call you.

Meet the HERO said...

Thanks a lot prabhakar was very helpful
Would it be good to do MS?
Do you have any idea about placement in MS(in IITs,such as IIT-M,thats yours) and fess&stipend in MS?

Chiranjit@ said...

hey Prabhakar,
tell me one thing basically what is the difference in between MS and Mtech with respect to placement and future JOB prospectus????? What is preferable IISC & IIT MS or NIT(top 4) MTECH?

Chiranjit@ said...

see, though I have a AIR of 371(IN stream), my GATE SCORE(534) is very poor for IIT...! so i am basically expecting a call from IITs in MS..! so tell me anything u know about MS (wheather preferable, opportunities, scope for placements,any problems if i hav to face with it[rather a trend of btech-mtech].......!!!!!!)

Chiranjit@ said...

One more thing can you tell me anything about NITIE, Mumbai...! if u know anything pls share....! I mean how is it offers a degree POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN INDUSTRIAN ENGINEERING..! wheather it will be good after do a post graduate diploma....I mean will this degree gotta suffer me a little in future???????

Unknown said...

hi gate score is 543 rank 3183...ece....
wat r my chances in nits n also in interdisplinary courses in iit khg , guwati,gandinagar
wat about the cutoff of intrdis courses in it higher or lower than main stream courses???
thanks in advance!!!!

Unknown said...

My AIR in GATE 2012 is 131 in CS. Any chances of getting direct admission in IITB ? In the admission brochure they 've mentioned 750 score as cut off for TA.
How about Direct Admission in IITD and IITM?
Awaiting for your reply.

Priyanka Saini said...

Thank u....
I have got 116 rank in CS GATE2012 and i belong to OBC category non creamy layer. Can i get admission in IITB.
And is there any chances of getting admission directly in IITD, IITM and IITK because i had a interview phobia???????

prab97 said...

@Hero Yeah, all the CS MS people who appear for placements get good jobs.

@Chiranjit MS is research oriented. You have to take less number of courses. You have to publish a few papers in good conferences/journals. You have to contribute to your field. M.Tech is course oriented. By the way, if you do any technical course from an IIT seriously you will get a good job for sure. Don't worry about job once you get into IIT. Jobs will worry about loosing you! Don't do any PG course for NITs!!!! Yeah, IISc is great for research purposes.

@Himanshu Mahajan
You don't have any chance for IITs. Try again next year.

@Unknown Chances of getting direct admit offer from IITB is feeble. You will get DA offer from IITM in 2nd round. Delhi didn't offer DA last year. They took interviews.

@Priyanka You will surely get direct admission offer from IITB. DOn't worry.

Syam Prasad Reddy said...

Hi Prabhakar....very great analysis and its the one am looking for.I got AIR:150 ,score :825,CS,General in GATE-2012.What are my chances to get in IIT Madras............My interest is on it.........
how abt choosing IITM or IITD.......?which one is better?

Unknown said...

Hi Prabhakar I have secured AIR 271.Do I have any chance of admission for mtech at IIT Madras.

Unknown said...

Hi Prabhakar,Kush MAnjrekar here... I have secured AIR 271.Do I have any chance of admission for mtech at IIT Madras.

Unknown said...

Hi sir i am vinod ora dhakad .
I got 242 AIR,and 788 gate score ,and i belong to OBC category .
I want to take Iit-Bomby .what you think ,plz give me advice.

Prashant Sahdev said...

hello sir gud job done
i have got 56.67 marks(CS) ,652 gate score.1025 rank and belongs to OBC nc category.will i get in to IITR or IITG as u mentioned for IITG gen cutoff was 55 last yr.

prab97 said...

Yeah, 150 rank will fetch you a call in 2nd round. Out of Delhi & Madras both are great. Choose one based upon your taste. Madras profs are very helpful and liberal, don't know about Delhi.

@Unknown With 271 you can't get M.Tech in IITM if you are from General category.

@Unknown2 You will get Bombay eventually, don't worry.

You should get calls from IITG & R. Try for them. You should probably get one.

Unknown said...

Hi, sir what was the last year cut off for IIT bomby for nc-OBC Category and for TA and RA. Separately.
which is best.

Unknown said...

Kush Manjrekar here
Sir My AIR is 271(GEN)..
What all options do I have..
In IIT MAdras do I have a chance in Spot Admission

Avinash.T said...

Good blog,helped me a lot
Nice Job dude.

prab97 said...

@Unknown 781 was OBC cutoff last year

@Manjrekar No chances for IITM M.Tech. Try at IITK, KGP, D

Chiranjit@ said...

hey, Pravakar tell me one thing which one should be preffered IIT D,K,B(MS) or NIT [top 4](Mtech) or direct Ph.d [IIT D,K,B] aftr btech...!arrange in order of preference....for a student who dont necessaryly want to be academic bounded rather want to a at least 10 years of Industry job, then come back to academics(depends)...!
I am from IN branch..!

Prashant Sahdev said...

sir will u please tell me the cutoff for CS in IITR for OBC nc category last yr.
I've got GATE score 652 in CS.
Can i get IITkgp,IITr,IITd,IITG belongs to OBC nc category

Priyanka said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Priyanka said...

Hi Prabhakar. I want to know that why you are not in favour of doing MTech from NIT's(your replies suggest that)

Unluckily I've got AIR-642 :( in CS this year.
Leaving RA and MS courses at IITs, is there any other option left for me at IITs.
I can't take drop coz my family is not in favour of that.
Is there any chance to get into old IITs.
Can i expect a call for interview from JCA at IIT D.
Thanks 4 your inspiring posts...

aman jain said...

Hi sir i am bhoop jain.
I got 242 AIR,and 788 gate score ,and i belong to GENERAL category
what are the chance of IITM and IIT Roorkee
which one better IIT R or IITkgp

Nikhil Bhoyar said...
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Nikhil Bhoyar said...

hi prabhakar,
i got interview call from IISC supercomputer and research.Please tell me advantage and disadvantage of it.Currently i am working in IT company.If this thing is not good it would be total loss of my time.Can u some idea regarding its placement.It will be of great help.Thanx

Shubham said...

Plz suggest the areas where iit m is good. Tell me about the MS program here and its duration (min to max)
Do MS students have same placement opportunities as MTech students?

prab97 said...

@Chiranjit Don't know about IN, but can say for sure that don't opt for NITs for PG. Try for IITs.

@Prashant Please write your rank, GATE score or Percentile aren't deterministic every year.

@Priyanka Yeah, NITs aren't good for PG studies. They are good for UG. Yes, you should get call for JCA, most probably. Try for MS. It is good. You will have a few research papers published by the end of MS and a good placement if you appear for them.

@Aman Jain
You can't get IITM. IIT KGP is any day better than Roorkee. You can get KGP and Roorkee both. Perform well in KGP interviews.

SERC is mindblowing. If you can, don't miss this opportunity. You will get a nitrous boost in your career once you finish the SERC program.

@Shubham Yeah MS students have almost same opportunities for placements than M.Tech. The areas good at IITM are Computer Architecture, VLSI, Computer Graphics, Computer Networks. MS is good here. I have many MS friends.

nikitaujn said...

I have got AIR 215 in gate 2012
score- 797
wt r my chances at iit?
any chances in mtech at iitm?

prab97 said...

You may get IITM but chances are very low. You can get other IITs fairly easily after facing the interviews.

Afsal K said...

Its very Good job u r doing Mr.Prabhakar. :) I got 70th rank in GATE2012 and applied to IISC,IITB & IITM.. I have Obc res also. Actually i m not much interested in Research and all but I have much attraction towards IISC Tag. So what I need to know is , The difference between (in Campus lives , Placement packages ,work load during course period) IISC & IITB ...

prab97 said...

Close your eyes and get into IITB. IISc is more for research. Placements there is not professionally managed. And workload will be heavy.

Anonymous said...

Hey I just wanted to know what kind of job profiles can we expect after ME(CSA), I mean do research wings of biggies like MS,IBM recruit from IISc ??

P.S. I am not talking about the money but just the kind of work I would be doing after the Masters degree

Anonymous said...

I am talking about IISC ME
CSA computer science

Chiranjit@ said...

Hey Prabhakar, me having a score of 534 in IN stream...AIR 371...! can I get a written test call for MS in ELECTRICAL engg in IIT M??????

mohit said...

Stream: CS
My Gate score: 770
Marks: 65.33
Rank AIR: 288
Category: General

Please tell me top 3 colleges I can get into according to my rank...

M Sai Pradeep said...


i got AIR 586 .... score - 707 .
which IIT's can i expect ??

Is it worth joining IIT-R or IIT-G rather than trying for GATE-13 ??

pawan kumar said...

Hi... prabhakar sir .I am pawan ...I have got AIR 181 in gate 2012 & I belong to OBC . Can I Got DA in IIT bombay..??????
I am Palnning In
Is it ok or not????

Anonymous said...

HI, Prabhakar Sir,
I got air 716 in cse gate 2012 belonging to OBC NC.what are my chances for IIT Kgp, IIT R , IIT G,
IIT H...plz reply sir

siddharthk said...


My rank is 464 in CS GATE 2012
what are my chances in IITs?

Unknown said...

Any budy know the iit bomby first list gate 2012 OBC cutoff for cse branch ?
Plz help me.

Priyanka Saini said...

got call from both iisc and iitb.
can u tel me bombay is which for which secializations and also for iisc
and is there any secialization related to automata theory...

prab97 said...

@Nipur Yes, they do. But IISc placements are. not professionally managed like IITs so there are lot less number of companies there for recruitment. Biggies know the excellence of IISc so they are there. Google calls IISc people for off campus interviews.

@Chiranjeet Most probably yes

@Mohit You can get Kanpur, Delhi, Kharagpur. Also RA at IITB.

@Sai Pradeep Better try 2013. But you can get MS too this year depending on your luck.

@Pawan You can't DA in Bombay. You can get DA at Madras.

@Akash You have fair chances in IIT-H

@Siddharth No chance in M.Tech. You can get MS.

@Priyanka For automata theory, specialisation is Theoretical Computer Science. Bombay is great for all. IISc too. But if you want to be a researcher then IISc has an edge. For joining software industry, Bombay is better.

prab97 said...

@Unknown Last list cut off was around 320 rank.

poornima said...

Thanks for the timely info Prabhakar.

My AIR - 242
Category - OBC

What are my chances at IITB?

prab97 said...

Fair chances. I guess you will definitely get it.

arp369 said...

hi sir
i got call for interview from IIT madras MS can you tell me which topic i should revise more acording to you
thanks in advance i am from computer science branch

prab97 said...

For interview prepare the topic in which you want to do the research. For written test, Discrete Mathematics, Numerical Methods, C Programming, Automata Theory

swaroop said...

Hi prabhakar,
My Rank is 642 and score 698 and I have a OBC reservation, Please guide me what are my chances into iit's... thank you.

Priyanka said...

I need ur advice about this doubt of mine. I am not interested in MS plan coz i don't know much about it and i'm much more inclined towards MTech plan. U've suggested MS in ur earlier post to me. I've got call letter from IIT-M MS on 2nd April but i've not prepared for it.. Interview is on 26th april, should i attend the interview..i know if i'll turn my notes..i can brush up everything.
But i wanna know if selected, i'll be able to survive there(acc to ur view)coz i had never thought about working on a specific area.

santosh said...

hi prabhakar, this is santosh,i got 425 score in cse. can i get admission in iitb under sponsership category and one more what kind of questions they will ask in intervew?

prab97 said...

@Swaroop You can get an IIT. But I'm not sure whether you can get IIT-M or not. You can't get Bombay. Try in Delhi, Kanpur, KGP, Roorkee, Guwahati. You will get more than one of these.

@Priyanka Don't worry about survival. Its not difficult to survive. You just need good programming skills in C/CPP and/or Java. Even if you don't have you can take the APL course here and become strong in programming. A good grip on theoretical computer science will help you do good in any CS field you choose to do MS in. All the best! Don't loose the opportunity.
You can select an area after getting selected in interview and talking to profs. Thats not a big deal.

@Santosh I don't have ideas about sponsored category. I guess, it depends on your sponsor's contacts too.

Rajesh Pal said...

SIR My gate 2012 cse score is 611 and my AIR 1543 which iit i can get
pls help me............
i m applied for iit m ,iit roorkee , iit kharagpur, iit kanpur, iit hyderabad , iit guwahati, iit jodhpur

Priyanka Saini said...

I want to know about teaching assistantship of 8 hrs in IITB. what it exactly mean........
what we hav to do in that and is it necessary for every one to do it........

Priyanka Saini said...

few days before i asked you abt IISc and IITB....
I had a confusion.... actually i m interested in research but due to some problems i have to work for 3-4 yrs thats why i m choosing IITB. Is IITB is good for research also or it only emphasis on placements

zoso said...

Hi..Niranjan here..I have a score of 752 and a rank of 358 in gate cs '12. While i expect interview/test calls from all the institutes in one of the cs courses they offer, I am a little intimidated by the prospect of these tests and interview since I've been working in the IT sector for the last two years and my subjective knowledge is not as comprehensive (other than my gate prep, and esp math). Could you advise on how to go about preparing for the interviews?

Chiranjit@ said...

ultimately I have got an MS call in Eletrical engineering from IIT M & M.Sc(eng) from IISC in Instrumentation....! now guys tell me all your views about it...Should I go for MS...? or try for Mtech anywhere...! how is the placement in MS over there...! will thia MS degree over Mtech gotta trouble me in future....? Is it matters a lot as it is being offered by IIT M, EE department....!!!!!!!!!!!! which one comparatively better in respect of placement...? please reply..

loku said...

hi prabhakar ,i getted 51 marks in cs (obc non c). pls suggest me what is the best clg i hold in that rank .
my AIR 2135 GATE SCORE 575.
can i have an chance any south nit or iit jodhpur.pls relpy i awiat for these. thanks in advance

Narendra said...

Hi Prabhakar Sir.....
I just want some information regarding ME(CSE) at IISc Banglore.
Is this good institute for doing Post Graduation and for Placement?
Because I searched on net that this institute is not good for placements. This is only for Research Program. So I want to know that after doing ME in computer science(as per my knowledge this is Research Oriented Program) where i can get a job/placement???

Or Do M.Tech from other IIT/NIT?
which is better IISc ME degree or IIT M.Tech degree for my future?

I got an IISc offer letter for ME program in Computer Science.
Doing PG in IISc is really so tough??

and what about thesis? It is really hard to write thesis or its easy with the help of internet?

Anonymous said...

Akash Anil
Hi prabhakar Sir
i am from cse 2009 batch.
I have got 716 AIR in gate 2012.
Sir, u had mentioned that I have a fair chance for IIT H, Sir, I want to know based on placement in MTECH for a person with three years of teaching experience, which college should join?
NIT Trichy
IIT Rajasthan
NIT Suratkal
plz reply me .. thanks sir,...

Hemant said...

Hi prabhakar, my AIR is 1606 and GATE score is 607...what are my oppurtunities to get a call 4m any IITs (in 2nd or 3rd call list)?? if not,what should i do? do i opt for NITs??

pooja bhatt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...


Hi Prabhakar, i got a GATE score of 326 AIR 1870 i am short listed for interview in IITKharagpur and screenin test for iit madras i belong to SC category can you just tell me whether i can get in to iit's

Unknown said...

sorry forget tell i belong to the department of biotechnology

Anonymous said...

My Rank 514,CS,OBC
Just tell me is there any chance of IITM in 3rd,4th list.

ankit said...

i m ankit (cse branch,obc ).My AIR is 540 score 716.Is there any chance of getting iit madras in 3rd or 4th list.what was the cutoff for obc in 2011..

aslan said...

it's really great to come across your blog , truly engaging. neways i need to know about the treatment students get in iit's . have heard some really disturbing facts about the demeaning behavior which professors and other students pose on students .

prab97 said...

@Rajesh Pal No IIT if you are general.

@Priyanka Saini Yes, its good for research too.

@Zoso The interviews assess what the candidate is capable of. If you show them you have done nice work in the job they can focus on that too.

@Chiranjeet If you join IIT forget about placements. You will get a good placement. I don't know about EE but CS has excellent placements in IITM.

@loku Get a IIIT. B, H or A in that order.

@Narendra You'll get placed ultimately. Writing thesis with the help of net is lame. Once you spend time in IIT/IISc you will never think about this. You will write thesis on your own work.
And yeah, IISc placement is not as buttery smooth as IITs. They don't manage placements professionally.

@Akash Go to IIT G or H. Don't join NITs. They don't have quality .

@Hemant You don't have any hopes for IIT this year. Try next year. NITs suck at PG. Join an IIT.

@Anju Yeah, you may get. In Biotech only a few people try so competition is very low.

@Ganesh Yes, you have a chance of IITM in last list.

@Ankit You have chance in last list if you are from OBC.

@aslan I too had heard that before joining IITM. But its cool here. No such thing in IIT Madras. Dunno about other IITs

Anonymous said...

dear sir, thanks a lot for ur reply..
Sir, I just want to ask that last year rank 1146 got IIT R (heard)in IT branch, so do I have any chance by getting rank 716 and from OBC to IIT R, IIT M etc. I have been shortlisted for interview in IIT Kgp , Sir what should be the preparation strategy. plz reply soon. Thanks..

prab97 said...

You will get IITR most probably then. IITM is difficult.
For KGP preparation, prepare two subjects and know the fundamental concepts in them. You will be asked questions which build up on fundamentals and the questions test your ability to apply more than one fundamental concept to solve a problem.

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot sir

aman jain said...

sir, what are the chances in IIT-R in %age after getting 242 rank in gate 2012 (GEN cat.)

Nitu said...

My gate score details are
score -575
which colleges can i expect at this rank??????????
would be thankful if you reply.

Anonymous said...

hi prabhakar Sir,
I have got shortlisted for IIT Guwahati.
They are calling on 6th of june for counceiling.
I have two queries:
1. Whether there is written and interview or only counceiling at IIT G this year?
2. As u had said I have a chance for IIT R so where should I go because date for IIT G and IIT R is clashing.
Can u plz tell me that whether I ll be able to know whether I ll get IIT R or not by JUne 5, becoz they have told to attend counceiling from 4 th of june..
plz reply sir I m in dilemma.
Thanks a lot 4 ur support.

shravan said...

hello sir, i am shravan, my rank is 561 in cs gate 2012, i have obc reservation, can i get into iitd....i have interview on 21 of there any possibility?
what subjects should i prepare....please suggest me.....

Suzana said...
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kratika said...

Hi, nice blog
Plz suggest me which one is better for M.Tech CS, IITD or IITB? My area of interests are networks, DBMS, Algo, Image Processing.
i got selected in both, but not in the position to decide which one is better.

kratika said...

Plz suggest which IIT is better for M.Tech CS, IITD or IITB?
My area of interests are networks, DBMS, Image Processing, Algo.
I have been selected in both IITs, but not in the position to decide which one is better

prab97 said...

@Aman Jain
Very fair chances

@Nitu Unfortunately you can't get any IIT. May be, try newest IITs. Don't go for NITs. Get a job instead. Prepare next time and get a rank under 150.

@Akash Roorkee CS dept. is not good. Prefer Guwahati. I don't know the scene this year but Guwahati takes written test generally. I can't say whether Roorkee will confirm you before 5th or not. You shoyuld call them up and ask.

@Sharavan You can get if you perform well in interview. Brush up algorithms and data structures. Delhi people like these.

@Kratika Bombay any day!!! Bombay CS dept. is better.

surabhi said...

hello prabhakar sir
my gate rank is 514 (gen cat)in cs branch.
i have shortlisted for iitr for councelling. i did not applied for iitg.i want to ask that whether iitr will take any test before councelling??
and i m doing job in tcs, that whether i should prefer iitr or should try for next year ?i had also given the iitkgp interview...
how is the campus selection in iitkgp and iitr??

surabhi said...

sir please do reply..

prab97 said...

Hi Surabhi. IITR generally doesn't take any test. You have to register your presence when you reach there and when the registration period is over they release the list based on the students who have reached and registered.

Placements in all IITs are very good. Don't worry about placements. You will at least get a job thapays 3 or 4 times your current TCS job if you are a serious student :P

surabhi said...

sir but iitr have not their separate deptt for cs. as i m interesting doing mtech with data stucture or operating system. can i get this sub in mtech..

prab97 said...

Yes, you can select your specialisation in these fields. Or, you can do your 1 year M.Tech project in these fields.

Its true that IIT-R has no separate CS deptt. So, its better to go for KGP.

npathak said...

Hello Prabhakar,

If given a choice

3> IIT Kgp IT

Which Course should I take ? in which order ? Why ?

-Nirav Pathak (CS, AIR-261, GEN )

prab97 said...

Delhi > KGP > Guwahati > Roorkee

Unknown said...

Prabhakar Sir,m tanmoy my CS rank is 514 gate score 720 gen cat ... sir it have been called for both IIT R and IIT G counselling,can you tell me wich is better and my chances of making it there??

prab97 said...

Guwahati is better for CS. Chances are lean but you may get it.

kandoi said...

sir i got 716 rank in cs this year. I am placed in tcs..i am in dileama weather to do mtech from nits or join tcs....please help me...that will be great help...thanking you

kandoi said...

please tell me which is better job at TCS or Mtech from nit tircy or nit wrangal...

kandoi said...

sir please guide me weather to pursue mtech from nit or join Tcs..As tym for the submission of from is reaching its gate rank is 716 and gate score is 688...please guide me at the earliest...that will be a great help for me...

Shrey said...

Hey, really nice work..
I have AIR 608 Gen category, I have calls from IIT R & G. I realize its unlikely I would get either. But, since there counselling dates are clashing I want to attend the one I am more probable to get. Can you tell me at which one I have more chances?

Aditya Hegde said...

Hi Prabhakar, really a nice post!! I am Aditya Hegde. I got AIR 131(CS Branch). Have applied for IITD, IITM and 2 more IITs(IITK and IITB). All for MTech courses didnt apply for MS anywhere.
Going through the Offer Lists that got released from various IITs and especially IITM, I have started to think will I be able to get a seat. What are my chances of getting a Seat in these colleges more importantly what are my chances of getting into IITM for CS Mtech course. Please guide me..

yashu said...

hii prabhakar........
this is yashoda.i got selected in iiit-b,my air-1400(cse)gen..i am hoping some nit..can i get any nit.if yes will i join any nit or iiit-b.for both profile wise and placementwise which is better.

surabhi said...

sir i want to ask whether if i apply in iit next time on the basis of this year gate score, then that score will be given least prefernce??

prab97 said...

@kandoi Sorry for being late. You can join NIT. You will get a better job than you are after two years in TCS. And if you are unsatisfied with NIT then you can write GATE again next year.

@Shrey You have more cances in Guwahati.

@Aditya You WILL get a seat in IIT Madras for sure. Don't worry about that. Other IITs depend on your interview performances. In Bombay you can't get direct admission.

@yashu IIIT-B is better any day!

@surabhi Nope! Preference is equal.

swati said...

Mine gate 2011 rank in computer science is 9745,
Gate marks:32 gate score is 412.

SEO Work said...

no its not sure if you qualify the gate score then it will be valid till next counselling.............

prab97 said...

@swati Try for private colleges like Amity

@Prashant GATE scorecard is valid for two years. So, you can use it for next counselling

Unknown said...

Hi Prabhakar,
Any idea how many seats are there in IIT Madras for Mtech in CS in general category?

Anonymous said...

Sir, if it is possible u plz give ur contact no...

my email id is

Thanks Sir

Rohan said...

Hey can you tell me which option is better for CSE department as I have selected for MS BY RESearch in project category in IIT M and in CSE in IIT G.

I know difference between both these courses but confused here.

Rohan said...

Hey can you tell me which option is better for CSE department as I have selected for MS BY RESearch in project category in IIT M and in CSE in IIT G.

I know difference between both these courses but confused here.

Manisha said...

Hi Prabhar,

My score is 603 in EC Gate 2012,General cat,Rank 1804 .I have got calls for MS in IITM and MTECH RA from iitb .I am concerned about RA in IITB as they prefer candidates having lab experience which i dont have.i am working in Accenture(IT) for past 2 yrs.For my rank should i prefer NIT if i dont get in IITB/M or continue job.Eagerly awaiting 4r ur reply

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

heya PRabhakar.....nice reading to your blog.ok! to start with i am a 2011 btech passout from a private college n after that i worked in an BPO n i qualified gate 2012 with 464 score and 6235AIR in EC.My question to u is that this yr i am preparing for gate2013 and i wud like to knw whats d procedure for gettin sponsored seats in IITs or NITs.....n which psus offer these kind of seats.please help me as i am not gettin any kind of info on net.looking forward to ur rply.......gaurav

prab97 said...

@Unknown Not sure but probably 54

@Rohan If you get any CS course in IITB, D, M or K forget about other IITs and join them.

@Manisha Your 2 year work experience should get you through RA. NITs are not that good for PG to leave your job.

@Gaurav Indian Army/Navy/Air Force does. About others I don't know. I have seen many defense people here in IITM.

Unknown said...

@prabhakar...see as far as i knw BARC is one PSu that offers such mtech prog but from selected iits n nits..n also m nt sure that fr those whether they demand any special if u come across any other info do tell me........i'll highly appreciate it.......n bdw thanks for ur advice......

Unknown said...

sir i have got air 401 and score 743 in general category .i have applied for iit hyderabad for 2 and 3 year program. can i get adimission ??

prab97 said...

@Gaurav Yeah BARC has DGFS program for that. But here I haven't seen any student in my batch from BARC. One person is from DRDO.

@Kiran You shouold get it but I can't tell with surety because this year is completely different from previous one. Evn AIR 131 didn't make it into IITM upto 3rd list. Can't say abour IITH

Unknown said...

@prabhakar......thanx bro for all the help.......n if u come across any new info on psu offering seats in mtech in iits/ remember to keep me posted......looking forwarded to it....

prab97 said...

Sure!20 ltedst

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I got waitlisted at IIT R and G.
It is 24 for IIT R and 1 approx for IIT G? yet I didnt get call for IIT H?
What do u think with rank 716 , gate score 688 , cat OBC , do I stand anywhere for IIT H and if I m getting IIT H then should i join it or should prefer old IITs?
Thanks plz reply...

prab97 said...

Join IIT Guwahati. Way better than Hyderabad.
You should get Hyderabad by the way, most probably.

Anonymous said...

thank you sir

Krishna said...

Hi Prabhakar ,
i got offer from iitm in obc but i have certificate in hindi ..
is it accepted by iit M or not please reply i have mailed them but they did not reply yet..

Anonymous said...

@ krishna
hi i did not get iitm but had applied in obc ncl with certificate in hindi. my application was accepted by iitm so i think there is no problem.
by the way what was ur rank and gate score?

Unknown said...

Hi prabhakar. You've done a great job my posting this material on the blog. Its of a great help.
I have got AIR 235 and gate score 388. I did my btech in Aerospace and have applied for Mtech Aerospace. Out of 4 IITs in india which offer Mtech Aerospace , I applied to IITK,IITM,IITKGP. I did not get call from IITK. In IITKGP i did not get my name till the 2nd list but waiting for the 3rd list. In IITM i had not got an offer till now but recently i got a mail from IITM sying that you can register again and there is a 5th round whose offer will be out on 5th july or otherwise spot admisssions will be conducted afterwards if seats are vaccant. It is my my request to you that since you are at IITM , could you please find out about the scenario currently going on for Mtech Aerospace admissions or could you tell what are my chances for getting into IITM. Thankyou.

pradeep said...

sir i am pradeep tiwari information tehnology my gate score is 598 and my AIR is 1738. i got provsional alloatment letter from nit srinagar in department(ectronic and communication)in cmmunication and information technology.but i dont want this what shold i do ...........plz suggest

PANKAJ said...

hi sir this is pankaj .i got gate2012
without any study
should i prepare again for gate13 to get IIT
i m an average

Kalpana said...

are there any streams available for people with in physics?...If yes,then please mention a few.

arpit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
arpit said...

hi sir
i am getting admmision in nit surathkal in system analyst and computer application under the department mathemtics and computational science.
what should i prefer?
to go for it and done my mtech in this field.
try for next year gate

my aim is to get good placements with high salary.

or i should opt it and try to prepare for next gate there only

and one more thing that i am observing in your blog is that to some students you are saying that go for nits you will get paid two to three times more than present and to some students you are saying that nit suck and they dont have quality
why this conflict appears is this blog is run by more than one people having diffrent opnion or you have some other parameter on which you give your opinion
please give some reason on it.

prab97 said...

Sorry dude, I don't know much about Aerospace programs. But in most of the institutes seats are very low for it.

@Pradeep If you don't want then don't join! As simple as that!!!

@Pankaj Yeah, prepare for it. I have also been an average student.

@Kalpana All the IITs have department of physics. And they have PG programs in Physics.
Check the individual sites of department of physics of all IITs

This blog is maintained by only me. As far as I recall I never wrote what you said. I wrote that for IITs. Can you please point meto the comment where I wrote that in NIT placements you get 2-3 times of your current salary? Take my word. If you want to pursue M.Tech, then do it from an IIT.

sandipan said...

hi i have CS-1666 air gen.i m planning to join IIIT delhi this year in mobile computing spec.I had tcs though but i left it.what do u think?

satish said...

hi prabhakar really nice blog.
I need ur help.
Actually i got 65% in 10th,
45% in 12th, then i did 71% in diploma in cs, 68 in BE in comps. Nw m preparing for gate. I jst want to ask u tht for direct admsn past academics r considerd or not?
And this poor academic can effect my placement aftr mtech? My age is 25. I dnt have ny experience

Plz rply.

pradeep said...

sir my gate score is 598 and air 1738 ,and in 2nd round of centralized nit councelling cutoff for nit bhopal is also is the chance is that "i will get nit bpl perhaps till spot admission".so what should i do
preparation of GATE with mtech in nit bhopal
seperate preparation for gate

pradeep said...

sir if i prepare for seperately for iit and perhaps get .
but my prvious academics recorde is with me whch is poor.
in 10th 62%
12th 73%
BE in IT with 61%aggregate with 7 backlog, pass in may 2012.
so due to previous academics what will be my chance in CAMPUS RECRUITMENT AND TEACHING FIELD

na.karthik said...

Hi,in the recent Nit common counselling I got a seat in NIT Rourkela(signal an img processing-my fav),I believe I can do better than 2972 Air and 562 score. I also have a job offer with a good package for a fresher but will be bound to it for 3yrs. I strongly want to write GATE again and score well but unsure about missing the opportunities at hand. So M tech vs Job vs MTech+GATE prep. Is MTech+GATE prep a r8 choice(if made) or one needs to be solely focused on GATE to get the best result. Hoping you would help me decide.

Thanks in advance.

prab97 said...

@sandipan Its good that you left TCS. A higher education is better than working for TCS, infy or Wipro
@Satish It won't effect placements but you may not be eligible for some institutions
@Pradeep Preparation with M. Tech is better than without. 60+ through out is fine enough. Don't worry about placements
@Na.karthik I would suggest M. Tech plus preparation

satish said...

prabhakar why i'll not eligible for some institutes? Plz rply

prab97 said...

@satish Because of 45% in 12th. Some institutes for example IIT Delhi have a through out 60% eligibility criteria

Amit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amit said...

Hi Prabhakar,

First of all thank you for posting such an amazing and informative blog.

Later the news is I got admission offer in MTech(IT) from IIT KGP and still on waiting for CS in IIT KGP and IIT R with AIR-412.

Regarding the same can you suggest should I opt for MTech(IT)?If yes ,Will it gonna affect the placements?

and one more thing which one is best MTech(IT) from IIT KGP or MTech(CS) from IIT R?

my blog said...

hii Prabhakar...
i have got AIR-325(cs) in GEN cat.what are the chances of spot admissions at iit madras??

prab97 said...

@Amit Kharagpur any day!!! Roorkee doesn't even have a dedicated CS department. It is joined with electronics.

@myblog Unfortunately, your chance is negligible

Anonymous said...

Hi, Prabhakar,
i got IIT G... going to join?
any suggession do excel there plz....

Anand said...

hi ,

i live in delhi.
can anybody please tell me which institute to join for gate coaching.
i am also a working proffesional, so looking for correspondence course.
thank you

prab97 said...

Focus on programming and algo implementations

You can join Made Easy or Gateforum. Best thing would be to join the test series. The tests are held on Sunday so you can attend them.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Prabhakar. This was one of the most informative article i have ever read regarding GATE and IIT's. I am a working professional with an experience of two years. I am appearing for GATE 2013 . Could you please enlighten me the gains which i may get by taking up an Mtech course?
Best Regards,

PRM said...

Hello Prabhakar sir,
I am an aspirant of IIT M. I am hoping to get a rank below AIR 150. So what are the chances of getting into IITM direct admissions? Could you please let me know the last rank admitted directly into IITM. Also please tell me what are all IITs should I apply?

prab97 said...

Previous year last admit rank(in General) was 144 here. I guess you should get direct admit most probably if you are under 150.

ankur said...

dear sir

wat colleges can i expect if my gate score in computer scienceis 534 and AIR 2230.

Unknown said...

helo manisha
at what marks do you expect rank below 150 ?
are u cs 13 student ?
kindly rpy

PRM said...

Thank you so much Prabhakar Sir. Very helpful blog.

Hello Kiran, according to some forums ~58-60 should be below 150.

Akshay Mane said...

In IIT-B there are other interdisciplinary programs like Geoinformatics where you can get in even if you are not in top 100. There you may take CS branch electives and get placed in software development field. But I wont get into details for these workarounds to get inside IIT Bombay. I'll talk only about programs of excellence in top institutes.

whats cutoff for Geoinformatics course?

Please explain abt these workarounds..!!!

air 1370
(i am looking for good placements)
(cant take a gap)

Unknown said...

hi sir,
I got 1523 rank in ece gate 2013
what is my chance to get admission in ms program in iit and m tech in new iit??

prab97 said...

@ankur Better try next year. You can get IIIT-A but if you are serious with your life then it is not worth.

@Manisha AIR 23 has 63 marks and AIR 273 has 50.67. So, if you get 58-60 you should be under 100 and with very high probability you can get Bombay.

@akki You can get geoinf if you are around 500-600. No chance at 1300(if you are in general categroy)

prab97 said...

@Debashish Sorry, I don't have info about branches other than CS.

prab97 said...

Sorry for so late reply. I didn't notice your query. Doing M.Tech from IITs is very beneficial if your B.Tech hasn't been from IITs or select IIITs/NITs. You will have
exposure to state of the art research and development in the field of computer science. If you want to join industry you will have opportunity to get into Google/Amazon/Microsoft/Yahoo! and other top notch companies. If you want to pursue Ph.D from abroad then a few recommendations from IIT profs will be very helpful.

Unknown said...

AIR 23 marks 63 ,
how could you know it ?
previous years pattern is quit diferent like
mark 63 AIR 400.
Is it a pure quess or something different ?
rpy asap.

prab97 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prab97 said...

Yes, this time probably the question paper was difficult in comparison to previous year so the rank is good at lesser marks. In fact in 2011, I had 67 marks and my rank was 175.

The result was leaked on 11th March when many people checked their results. My friend at IIT Bombay has a friend with AIR 23 and two with AIR 273 and 293 respectively. I got this info from him.

Tushar.kalra said...

hi sir

i have a doubt for getting admission to IITB for TA. Are there only direct admissions or some written test provision also. The brochure states a date for written test/interview date for TA post. (Please refer to point 7 under important dates in brochure). I am confused related to that. please clarify.

san said...

Hi prabhakar,
GATE-2013(CS) AIR:-872
SCORE:-627 any chances to get into IIT's for M.S/Mtech program. how are IIITB,IIITH for Mtech?

san said...

forget to say,
I have 3 years of IT industry experience, if it could help.

idaemonix said...

firstly your blog is very informative and has a clean layout ..i like that a lot .
now , my gate 2013 situation ,

air: 389
gatescore : 693/755
stream: cs
from: background
area of interest: TOC , Algorithms
priority : research
long term goal : Phd

a) where can i get in based on JUST gatescore/rank , ie without test/interview just counseling
b) chances at lower rung iits
c) what about the dual - mtech-phd degrees , are they more difficult to get ?

Unknown said...

can you give gate score of air 273 and 293
please ply
thnk u

Unknown said...

Hi Prabhakar,

Great blog. One stop to GATE cs aspirants.

From your earlier posts it is evident that people with AIR-150 below should get DA into IITM.

I got AIR-118 in GATE'13. In which phase can I expect a call from IITM? Could you please let me know what are all IITs should I apply for? Since only AIR-100 will be called for phase-1 in IITM and so to be on safe side wanted to attend IITK's written test.Is there any chance to get DA from IITK/IITB? Kindly answer me.

Best Regards,
Venkat P

Unknown said...

Also please furnish me number of general CS seats in IITM.

Thanks in advance.

prab97 said...

@Tushar.Kalra For TA, there is only direct admission in CS. For other branches there are tests.

@San You should probably get MS in some IITs if you perform well in written and interviews. You should probably get M.Tech in IIT Bombay in RA category. Industry experience will help in Bombay RA.

@ideamonix Nowhere you can get direct admission. But you can get into Kanpur, Delhi, Roorkee, Guwahati, Kharagpur(possibly) after written tests and interviews upon a good performance. Remember, once you are shortlisted for written tests and interviews they will not consider the GATE score afterwards. They will just evaluate the performance in written and interviews.

@Kiran Bhosle
I will try getting it from my friend. By the way whats ur rank?

@Venakata Reddy
You have high probability of DA in last list of IITB, 2nd list of IIT-M. No chance of DA in Kanpur.In Madras there are 62 seats in total. About half of them are reserved. So about 35 seats are there for General.

Swapnil said...

hi Prabhakar ,i have got air 273 gate score 721 and i belong to OBC category.Are there any chances for direct admission into iit bombay,kanpur or madras?

prab97 said...

Yes, direct admit in Madras in first list. In Bombay probably no. Kanpur no DA, Only through test and interview.

Unknown said...

my result is
gate 12 score 743 air 401
gate 13 score 642/692 air 725

I want to focus your attention on one major factor

You can observe that same air rank of 12 and 13 has HUGE DIFFERNCE in gate score . I think that difference is about score 50.
So my previous year score 743 put me considerably better place than 401 rank.
Am i thinking right,correct me if i am wrong.
Hence i want to see score and rank distribution of this year.please give score of air 273 and 293
than you.

Swapnil said...

@Kiran Bhosale i got air 273 wid 721 score and 50.67 marks

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