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M.Tech CS - Admissions through GATE - Analysis 2011

This blog post has content specific to those:

  • who belong to CS
  • who are under 460 rank in GATE
  • who are in General category
If you don't belong to the category described above, you may still read on because you may find some interesting information in this post.

If you are just preparing for GATE, you should solve more and more questions. And for that I would recommend GKP Publisher's Question Bank. Although there are some mistakes in the book for solutions to some problems, but I recommend this book solely for the huge collection of problems it has.

GATE CS has become very competitive and the competition is increasing every year at an alarming rate. In GATE 2009 only 41000 candidates appeared in CS. The number increased to 107086 in 2010, mostly contributed by recession and lack of job opportunities in IT sector. In 2011 amazingly the number of candidates rose to 136291(last rank was 136027 but exact number of candidates who appeared in the exam was 136291) although recession had retreated and jobs were available in plenty. This shows the increasing interest of Indian youth towards masters degree.

GATE - Who takes it? Why?

Now lets know who are the people who opt to pursue M.Tech and why?

Broadly, there are three kinds of people who want to pursue M.Tech from IITs. The first kind is like me, who want better placement opportunities in reputed companies like Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Directi, Intel, Facebook, Yahoo! , Adobe etc. which are unavailable to most students who haven't done B.Tech from NITs or some other better colleges other than IITs. It is considered that these companies not only give you a well paid and reputed job that doesn't insult your talent but also give a great life and corporate culture. After doing B.Tech from private engineering colleges most of the students are absorbed by TCS, Wipro, Infosys and a couple of other mass recruiters. Once you land in these companies and get under some nasty manager you will realize that a labour working hard carrying bricks in the sun has a better life than you. Sometimes in these companies, you'll feel that the people above you are no match for your talent and still they are making more money(being there for more time than you) than you and also load you with stuff to do in a day that would require at least a week! This high profile bureaucracy prevailing in these companies and the plight of newly entered Software Engineers can't be felt by those who have never been victims of this, and can't be expressed by those who are already facing this thanks to their lack of time. Also you are trained like dogs and put to any job profile according to their wish. The field you are put into may be the one you hated most during your B.Tech, for example Testing. So, for these students M.Tech from IITs apparently, is the only saviour.
The second category of students is the one who want to pursue M.Tech then after making pretty sum of money and enjoying vibrant lifestyle, want to pursue Ph.D and then enter the academic field with cravings for being professors in top institutions.
The third category consists of the people who are dedicated to research only. They want to do researches through out their life, put forward some remarkable new findings, get them popular enough to find place in some textbooks. So our next generations when don't understand their algorithms/formula/theorems abuse them saying who on earth on what unlucky day gave this freaking theorem I can't mug up to vomit in my exam!!!!
There is another narrow overlapping category consisting of people who missed IIT-JEE by a few marks, and now want to fulfill their dream of being an IITian, through the GATE way!

The top institutes analyzed

I would focus on the eight best institutes according to the candidate's choices. All the IITs are the best and saying that one is better than other would be like writing an algorithm to sort an array of equal elements!!!! All of them are the best. But here I would like to rank them according to the students' tastes. The taste of students is driven by the specializations they want to pursue and the no. of professors in that specialization in particular IIT, lifestyle at the institute, placements and a couple of other aspects like regional inclination for example most north Indian people prefer IIT Delhi over Madras and south Indians do the other way round.

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore is the undisputed champion when it comes to research. It ranks first in India in terms of research output. Getting into it is equally tough. There are two flagship programs for Computer Science graduates. The ME in Computer Science program is open only for direct admission. If you have an All India Rank of under 45 in GATE then you may expect a direct admission call in this program. Another program called ME in Systems Science and Automation requires you to pass their own written test and interview. The candidates are shortlisted based on GATE scores and called for written test and interview. I am not sure upto how much rank they call for this program.
The third program for CS graduates is M.Sc Eng. For this program too you should have a good GATE score. But generally upto around 1000 rank people are called for written test and interview. IISc is highly mathematics inclined. If maths is not your cup of tea then it is almost impossible to get into SSA or M.Sc Eng. even though you have a very very high GATE score. The interviews and written are generally maths oriented.
Research wise IISc is the best. But placements in IISc are not considered to be as great as compared to top IITs like Bombay, Madras and Delhi. Although no one remains unplaced after going through IISc for 2 years rigorously but not all companies that visit IITs are aware of IISc. Moreover in IITs the placements are managed professionally and each IIT has a separate placement cell whose sole purpose is to get companies. But in IISc, professors do it in their spare time.
If you want to apply for IISc then do it early because last date for application submission is generally 2 or 3 days after declaration of GATE result(15 March) i.e. 17 or 18th March.

IIT Bombay
IIT Bombay's flagship program for CS graduates is M.Tech in Computer Science(TA). This program accepts only direct admits. In 2011 last GATE rank offered admission in 4th list in general category is 104. In 2010 it was above 125. GATE score cutoff is 868 for general category in 4th list in 2011. IIT Bombay is the most popular choice for toppers who get under 100 rank. Backed by highly paid placement offers, the vibrant lifestyle of Mumbai and a very large Computer Science faculty group, IIT-B houses top performers of GATE.
Here is the admission summary of 2011.
So, if you are under hundred rank in GATE you can be sure to get admitted there.
There is also an RA program which is of 3 years where you are assigned on some project and you have to serve for 20 hours a week instead of 8 hours in TA. In return you get Rs.1000 extra as stipend.
The admission offer lists of IIT Bombay are declared first, among all IITs.
In IIT-B there are other interdisciplinary programs like Geoinformatics where you can get in even if you are not in top 100. There you may take CS branch electives and get placed in software development field. But I wont get into details for these workarounds to get inside IIT Bombay. I'll talk only about programs of excellence in top institutes.
IIT Bombay is best choice if you are just course and placement oriented and not much of research oriented.

IIT Kanpur
IIT Kanpur is 2nd best choice for research oriented people. It is considered that, after IISc the name of IIT-K is taken for research.
IIT-K has 38 seats for general(as of 2011). They first declare a direct admit list. You can make into this list if you are under 70 rank in GATE. But generally around 5-6 highly motivated students take direct admission here. Rest join IIT-B. To fill the rest seats IIT-K conducts a written test and interview. They called upto 460 rank(in 2011) for written. The written comprised of aptitude questions which has very high percentage of application of probability distributions. If you are not good at probability distributions you may not get through the written test. 93 people( from all categories) were selected in written test. I was also one of them(luckily). Then you have to get through an interview. If you have high marks in written test then interview is pretty formal. But if you have lower marks then it is tougher and even if you answer their 50% questions and show good approach in trying to solve the problem you will get through the interview. I couldn't get through the interview. I had a very low score in written(just above the cutoff) because I am very bad at probability distributions. They asked me just 2 questions and they were sure that I am not worth IIT-K :P
I am also not that research oriented and so I knew IIT-K M.Tech isn't my cup of tea.
I met a senior and he advised me to join IIT-D or M instead of IIT-K if placements is my only aim. He also threw some light on doing M.Tech from IIT-K. According to him, it is quite tough in academics and building good CGPA is a very difficult task here. Also, if the professors are not satisfied with your thesis work, then your M.Tech may get extended for 6 months at a time. It is like a mini Ph.D.
So, join IIT-K if you are highly motivated towards research and dare to take on.

IIT Delhi is a great institute for placement oriented students. Being in the national capital surrounded by IT hubs of north India i.e. Noida and Gurgaon results in great placements. IIT Delhi has 4 programmes for CS students. MCS is the flagship programme which is M.Tech in Computer Science. JCA is an interdisciplinary programme run by maths department along with CS department which is Computer Applications. Computer Technology(EET) programme is another interdisciplinary course run by EE and CS departments. Placements are great in all these programmes. VDTT i.e. VLSI Design: Tools and Technology is also a great programme for people with inclination towards electronics. It has very high paying placement offers. Apart from this there is also MS but it has a very few seats.
The admission to all these courses is through an interview. There is no written test. You are shortlisted through GATE score and have to crack an interview to get into these. VDTT course also involves an interview with your sponsoring company which will pay all your fees and other expenses during your M.Tech and you may even get PPO(pre placement offer) if you perform well.
In 2011 cut off for MCS and MS have been GATE score 760. For other courses it was lesser. In JCA 750 was the cutoff for interview and 850 and 75% or 8.5 GPA would get you a direct admit in JCA. For VDTT the cut off for CS was 700. For EET too the criteria was similar to JCA. All courses have great placements but preference wise you should opt for MCS>JCA>EET. And if you want to do something in VLSI field then VDTT is a great option.
IIT Delhi has world class faculty for Algorithms. Prof. Naveen Garg is renowned in this field. Moreover Computer Networks, Computer Vision and Graphics are great here with very good professors. If you are interested in Databases then IIT Delhi is not for you because no good professors for databases are there.
Those who want to know about JCA may read this blog post written by an alumni of M.Tech CS at IIT Delhi who is currently working for Amazon: 

Or this blog post by a current student of JCA

IIT Madras
IIT Madras offers only direct admissions based on GATE score. In first list upto 101 rank people were called. The cut off for 2nd list was rank 155 and in 3rd list it went above 175. IIT Madras has great placements being near Bangalore and Hyderabad. It is considered very good for Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing. Also Computer Networks, Cryptography, Network Security are considered good here. I got admission in IIT Madras. I'll post more about IIT Madras when I get there and get to know the institute more. There is also a second phase of registrations in IIT Madras if the seats are vacant after fourth offer. People upto rank 500 are advised to register for it and who haven't got any other IITs yet, may get spot admission offers.
IIT Madras has one of the finest campuses in India and it is run in collaboration with German government. Some students also get opportunities for DAAD fellowships. Many north Indian students don't opt for it because of confrontation with newer culture, language and food style. But, I don't think these things are problems. After all, we should experience different kinds of lifestyles during our life and adapt the good traits from wherever possible :-) Moreover, as far as I know IIT Madras has north Indian mess for people who are scared of food changes.

IIT Kharagpur
Most students with top ranks don't like to opt for IIT Kharagpur citing that the quality of faculty is not as great as the top 4 IITs for M.Tech in CS. IIT-KGP is one of the best institutes in the country for B.Tech in various engineering streams. I don't have much details about it. The admission process is through interview. 70% weightage is given to GATE score and 30% to interview performance. Many people don't want to go to Kharagpur because it is a very small city and doesn't extend much after the IIT. So you can't enjoy the lifestyle of Delhi, Bombay, Chennai and Bangalore.

IIT Roorkee & Guwahati
These two institutes are the new institutes. IIT-G was setup in 1995 and IIT Roorkee got the IIT status in 2001. Most of the top rankers don't want to join these. In Roorkee, Computer Networks is good. Admission is purely based on GATE score(as of 2011). In Guwahati the cut off for written test and interviews was 55 marks in GATE. The placements are good in both these institutes too but not at par with other IITs because of being in locations a bit far from metropolis.

I guess I posted information relevant for people in knowing the institutes and making choices. Please don't ask me what is the average, lowest and highest placement package in a particular institute. I only know one thing that you will reap what you sow. In IIT placements you will be rewarded based upon your caliber.
All the best!


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prab97 said...

@kiran Yes, as swapnil wrote: AIR 273 is score 721 and AIR 293 is score 714. Yes, you are right. The shortlisting is based on the GATE scores not on rank. So it is better for you to apply based on '12 score card.
AIR 90 is score 810.

Unknown said...

Gate 2013 AIR 1800,marks 39,score 557 and percentile 99.2.
belong to SC category..and my branch is CS..plz tell me which institute i should opt..

Unknown said...

@Prabhakar.My AIR is 203 in CS department and the Gate score is 745.What are my chances for IITs?

अभिनव तिवारी -shaheen said...

gate 2013 rank 203 score 745 what r chances for iit m and which streams to prefer for iit d
pls gve me suggestions for what to apply and get in my rank
thanku so much :)

prab97 said...

@snigdha You should be able to get most IITs

@rajesh and saheen
You have very feeble chances in Madras. Try preparing for written and interviews. Then you can get Kanpur, Delhi, KGP etc.

ankur said...

can a computer science student apply for industrial engineering and management


Hi my rank is 106 (2013 )And i am intrested in IIT madras I basically like networks and cryptographic algorithms cloud computing , driver level security. I have heard IITM is good in networks . i want to know about current projects there and how is placements ????

prab97 said...

@ankur Depends on the IIT you are applying for. If the insti allows then you can do it.

@Kapil In cloud, good research is going on under Prof. D Janakiram. In networks there are good projcts on LTE, and high performance networks. Good projects in cryptography are there under Prof. C Pandurangan.
For details of placements read my answer on quora for this question at the below link:

Unknown said...
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prab97 said...

Yes, you will get direct admit in any IIT you want.

ratul said...
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ratul said...

gate 2013 rank 220 score 740 what r chance for IIT R ? if there is any chance for getting IIT D through interview ??
thanku so much :)

sgupta said...

I got AIR 42 in GATE 2013 and want to pursue my career in lectureship only after Mtech...which institute should I join??..IIsc or IITD considering my hometown is delhi???

Unknown said...

plz help me...

Unknown said...

I Am Prashant Maske.
plz help me..

srinivas said...


My GATE 2013 rank is 1376 with a GATE score of 585.

Which NITs will I get?
Should I prefer NITs when compared to IIIT's?
how is IIIT-b??

PRM said...
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PRM said...

Hello Prabhakar,

Could you please tell me when likely IITM announces second list of offers. IIT K written test is scheduled on 16/17th May. I am very much interested in IITM and so I can skip the test if I come to know about the offer before 14th.

Kindly Reply. Appreciate your help.


Unknown said...

Hi prabhakar. Kindly throw some light on iitm industrial math its admission procedure, cutoff, scope and placements. thanx.

Shrey Srivastava said...

Hi Prabhakar,

I have secured AIR 1126 (CS) in Gate 2013 and I have about 32 months of IT experience also. Could you tell me my chances for admissions in Research prgms(MSc) at IISc/IITs?
Also please tell me if IIT-M has MSc Programs with CS?

Unknown said...

Hi my rank is 528 (2013)Is there any chances to get admission into IIT KGP,What are my chances in IIT R and IIT G?

Unknown said...

@shry srivastav

iisc has already closed admission date on 22 march

iitm has ms admission opened till 10 april apply fast

check out

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to know with what perentage in Btech we are in a position to sit for all top tier tech companies in placement process at IIt during Mtech..And as most of the private engineering collages gives u CGPA in 10 point scale so do the companies adopt any particular method for conversion to percentage..kindly reply..

prab97 said...

@Ratul You have good chance of Roorkee. KGP and Delhi also if you perform well in interview.

@sgupta IISc is the best for research. I would recommend IISc.

@Deepa Difficult one. Try IIIT-B and A

@Srinivas I would recommend choosing IIIT-B over NITs

@PR Manisha I don't remember. You can probably try searching the 2011 or 2012 archives in in the forums. By users' posts you should be able to figure out approximate dates.

prab97 said...

@Kiran Bhosale
I don't have much idea of industrial math program. See this page:

@Shrey Shrivastav
No M.Sc(CS) in IITM. MS is there, but not possible with that rank. In IIT Bombay RA, you have a chance.

@Procheta Sen
Very little chances in any old IIT. But don't loose hope. Perform your best if you get interview call.

Companies don't look at your B.Tech percentage or CGPA. In fact no company looks at marks in interviews. For being eligible in written tests Google has CGPA cutoff of 8. For most others it is 7 or less. And they will see your M.Tech CGPA, not B.Tech CGPA.

alok said...

hi prabhakar...
i hav got 470 rank, gate score 679.
what r my chances in iit kharagpur, guwahati, roorkee, kanpur??

alok said...

im from general category..

prab97 said...

@Alok Feeble chances in old IITs. Perform very well if you get interview calls.

Shrey Srivastava said...

@Kiran Bhosale/Prabhakar : Thx. I was able to apply in time :)

also please tell me that
for IIT - B,KGP,K are there separate MS by research forms as well?
I remember selecting option for RA in IITB form but are there any separate forms to fill like in case of IITM?

Nalini said...

Hi :)

Your blog is really helpful :) , Thank you for such a nice write up and your suggestions

I got 106 rank CS Gate 2013 ,
In which IIT's I have chances of direct admission
and in which order I should prefer (Bombay, Delhi ,Madras and Kanpur)
and my interest is in algorithms and toc

Unknown said...

Hi Prabhakar,

I really appreciate your quality of blogging. This is really informative and helpful.

My Gate 2013 rank is - 657, score - 651. catagory - obc.

Can you please say which old IITs I may get with this rank?

If I get interview call from Delhi and Kanpur, then which subjects should I prepare for?

Thanks in advance.

Unknown said...

hi prabhakar my GATE 2013 score in cse is 476(general) with AIR 3820 which government colleges i should apply or i may get admission in in cse

prab97 said...

@Shrey Sorry but I am not aware of forms and applications now. You should ask someone who has applied.

@Nalini You should get direct call from Madras. May be from Bombay as well but in the end.
I don't know about Bombay but theory groups at Kanpur Delhi and Madras all are awesome. You should chooose any of them depending on your city of choice or other factors.

You probably won't get direct admit calls from Madras and Bombay. But you will most probably get interview calls from other IITs. Take a couple of subjects and prepare them well. Best bet would be to prepare algorithms.

You may get IIIT-A. Try for it.

Swati Arya said...

sir i have got 188 rank in gate 2013 gate score 749..
may i get direct admission in iit madras or iit roorkee..
please guide....

Unknown said...

I am a student of BTech 4th year in Dept of CSE at IIT Hyderabad. I have plans to pursue higher studies. However, I could not apply to MS outside India immediately because of lack of strong research profile. Only with a good research profile, I will be get admission into a good university. So, I am planning for MTech at IIT Madras and build my research profile with good projects at IITM particularly if possible under Prof C. Pandurangan. He taught us data structures at IIT Hyderabad. Further I am hoping to get good recommendation letters from Professors at IITM and apply for a PhD in US.

So, can you please tell me how are the Mtech projects going on at CSE@IITMadras? In IITH, they are not of very good value. Also, are students going to PhD after MTech in CSE department? I found mostly Btech students with very high CGPA only got admitted to PhDs in US( I browsed many University websites for their current PhD students background and searched for students from IITM).

My friends with CGPA > 8.0 at IITH got admitted directly at IITM w/o GATE score. I am planning to apply next semester or next year.

prab97 said...

@Swati Madras is difficult. But may be you can get in spot round

@HarshaVardhan If you want to build a research profile then go for MS. In M.Tech you have to take ten courses in first two semesters and you will be too busy in your first year to do some research and get papers. In the third semester you will be busy preparing for placements.
In MS, there are only 5 courses to be finished. You will have ample time to publish 3-4 good papers and get recommendations from renowned professors.

Unknown said...

Thanks Prabhakar for the reply. I found there is no specific time limit for MS(given 1.5 to 3 years at ) unlike for MTech(2 years). So, generally how much time does it take for a student to complete his MS? Can we complete earlier than 3 years(say 2 years)? Will we be forced to continue our MS into PhD at IITM?

prab97 said...

Yes, you can finish MS in 2 years. It depends on you as well. If you produce 2-3 good papers then your guide will be happy to leave you within 2 years.
But the people who aim for Ph.D from US generally stay for upto 3 years to get 4-5 papers so that they have a good research profile before applying for Ph.D in US.

Abdul said...

hi Prabhakar,my gate13 CS details are rank 188 score 749 category-GEN
where can i get direct admission and where through interview i hav applied to IITK,IITM,IITKGP,IITR,IITD,IITG,IITH.

prab97 said...

You will get Roorkee easily. For others you will have to appear in interview. Bombay you can't get. Madras also chances are very low.

anik said...

I passed out in 2012 and got placed in a IT service based org and am planning to do Mtech after a year or two years of doing job beacuse of family commitment.But sir the prob here is i passed out in june 2012 and have my joining inmay 2013.If i do my mtech after 2 yrs of experience will this gap of nearly a year hugely affect my placement prospects?

PRM said...

Hi Prabhakar,

I have got an offer in IT from IITKgp. But I have to submit original score card to the dept by May10. Since IIT M list will out only after that, if I get selected into IITM, will there be any chances to ask IITM for additional time to submit score card, since the withdrawn and getting card back may take some time.

Please help.

Best Regards.

Unknown said...

May I please know your gatescore and AIR?

Unknown said...

anyone know cutoff of iitkgp (cs & it )for 1st round?

Anonymous said...


gate 2013 (CS)
air 389
score 693
obc category......

any chance in iit bombay TA in subsequent lists as i am obc u know how many obc candidates have more score than mine?..... I am 2012 passout. I have recieved call for RA interview, but i dont have any work experience. what r my chances in interview?

Daksh said...

Hello Sir, You are doing very helpful work thank you. I got AIR 203 in GATE 2013, CSE GEN. Due to some financial situations and lack of knowledge about colleges, I missed to fill IITM MTech CSE and regreting that now. can i do any thing for it now? Should i mail them to consider me also for even 3rd or later cutoff? Please Help i know you are also from IITM, If you can.. Thanks again..

Parag sahare said...

Hi i am parag from NAGPUR.As my academics is not good u can understand the ATKT's.My percentage in BE is coming out to be 57%.will it affect my performance in GATE selection For IIT's,NIT's...reply as soon as possible.
My email id is:

Parag sahare said...

Is academics performance with backlogs affects in GATE interviews selection....reply fast?

Parag sahare said...

Hi i am parag from NAGPUR.As my academics is not good u can understand the ATKT's.My percentage in BE is coming out to be 57%.will it affect my performance in GATE selection For IIT's,NIT's...reply as soon as possible.
My email id is:

Soumen said...

Hi Prabhakar, I got direct admission offers from both IIT-D and IIT-M. I am really confused about which one to accept. My area of interests are theoretical CS, maths, algorithm. I have future plans for PhD, but at the same time not completely ignorant about placements. Please share ur views. Thanks in advance.

prab97 said...

@Soumen Congrats for the offers!!! Theory group here at IIT Madras is very strong. And I have heard from IIT-D folks that theory is very strong there too. You can choose on your own discretion ;-)

@parag Some IITs, not all look for 60% cutoff. Don't worry about it.

@Daksh I don't think it is possible. You can try contacting M.Tech admission committe at IIT Madras.

@Abhinav I don't have all these stats. But probably you won't get Bombay TA. You should easily get Madras by the way.

@PRM Sorry, I am not sure about it.

@anik None of the companies look at the gap, during placements here. They just see what you are capable of doing from now.

Unknown said...

For All ECE Ebooks


Thanks for the above information.
It really helps a lot.
Also, information about various opportunities after GATE can be viewed at -->


Thanks for the above information.
It really helps a lot.
Also, information about various opportunities after GATE can be viewed at -->

ishani said...

hi ,

for computer science graduates,
which one is better VDTT or JCA in iit delhi ???
pls suggest

Unknown said...

hello sir, i hav got selected for EET program at iitd. My rank is 203 in GATE13.. Should i go for it? how are the placements for EET? I am also in the waiting list of MCS program.. Upto what sequence the waiting list gets cleared?

Saurabh said...

Hello sir I m MCA Student 2011 batch i m vry keen 2 do M.Tech From IIT but bcoz of some family problem i m about 2 get marry but i wana to fullfill my dream Do IIT\IIsc provide d hostel for married guy in M.Tech programe?

Saurabh said...

Also suggest me if it will b gud decision 2 do after 4-5 years gap even wd MCA Degree? will it affect Placements?

shashank said...

What are the chances of getting an overseas offer for mtech cs student???

shashank said...

Wht are the chances of getting an overseas offer for mtech cs students? ?

hmm.. said...

Hi Prabhakar,

Thanks for the informative post.

I passes on 2011 for electronics branch and appeared for Gate 2014 from CS branch, got 35 marks and 4500 rank from general.
Which all colleges i should apply for ??
Like u i too have aim to get a good paid job. Currenty i am working in a software comany as a PHP developer for las 2.5 years, will this experience be useful for getting admision on some reputed colleges ??


rohit_singh_rathore said...

hello...awesome blog.. great work... i have got AIR 1704 in CS with 44.15/100 or 608/1000 .. I am more interested in doing MS rather than Mtech.. Can you pls help me in knowing if i have any chance of getting MS from any of the NEW or OLD IIts or from IIIT Bangalore.. or if you would like to suggest any other college or any other advise...

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