Monday, June 21, 2010

10 constructive ways to spend time on internet

Internet has infested our life to an unseparable extent. Most of the people feel they waste their precious time on the internet on social networks(read Facebook). For all such people I'm suggesting some constructive ways to INVEST(not spend or waste :P) their time. Constructive in the sense that these actions will lead to your personality/knowledge/IQ/skills growth. :)
1. Yahoo! Answers
Man, what a wonderful platform they've created for knowledge sharing!! You can ask questions and provide answers. The questions are available in myriads of categories, from Arts to Sciences, from Humanity to Relationships, from Cooking to Religions etcetera etcetera... In fact, any question you can think off can be put to a suitable category. Especially for students they have Science and Mathematics, Computers & Internet, Arts and several other fields. So you're stuck at an assignment or homework? Just ask! Or, you think you are one among the intellectual force of your country? Then answer others' questions according to your interest in relevant categories. This not only improves your knowledge but also gives self satisfaction as well as entertainment. When someone rates your answer as the best answer, you feel proud :) Click here to visit Yahoo! Answers. You need a Yahoo! ID to access Yahoo! Answers.
2. Are you a programmer?
Well yeah, if you are and you think you are one of those rare programmers with all the fundamental concepts of programming then a perfect place for you is The site doesn't require registration. You just need an account with any OpenID provider. A GMail account is perfect :) Once you get in, you can answer questions from fellow programmers/students all over the world from all kinds of languages. As you answer perfect replies, your reputation increases and you earn badges. Its such a fun!!! Click here to check it out.
3. Read blogs
Blogging is a boon to the Web 2.0! People got a way to express themselves, with a true freedom of expression. You can just go to Google blog search and find blogs of your interest. You may also search good blogs from popular blog directories like TechnoRati, BlogCatalog, BlogHub and BestBlogs. If you are a technology lover here are some must read blogs:
4. Research
Did you get stuck at something some day and left midway? Then start researching on the topic using the web and complete your venture! It happens sometimes with all of us. We start doing something and due to a problem encountered midway we are unable to accomplish the task and leave it incomplete. For me, not finishing an in-progress work is sin!!! So, I just use te web, search for solutions and finish the work.
5. Contribute to an OpenSource project
So you are that self-proclaimed great programmer? Go and give a chance for your skills to come outta your brain! You can contribute to any open sopurce project for the betterment of mankind at sites like Google Code or SourceForge
6. Edit a WikiPedia article
WikiPedia makes our life easier. Any thing new pops up, we just get to its WikiPedia page and find extremely high quality information on the topic. But who makes this possible? Yeah, we the users. WikiPedia is driven by the community of people who add and edit articles on it. If you have a flare for writing good quality, precise and clear english then start or edit an article on WikiPedia. For this you need to create an account with them. The account creation link can be found at top right corner of their main page.
7. Start a blog
If you already have a blog then skip this paragraph. Most people think they can't write and thats why they don't start blogs. Everyone can write!!! If you've an year or more experience of using internet then chances are pretty high that you can endup writing good quality original content on your blog. Choose any particular motto of your blog and start. Once you start, you will have several ideas for posts that you can create. Just don't be lazy, thats the only condition. Try this at least once! For blogging, Blogger, Wordpress and Posterous are awesome and free platforms. Just give it a try and jump into the blogging arena!
8. Translate facebook into your language
Facebook has a pretty good translation application through which you can easily translate it into your language. The users themselves can translate and help facebook be available in their language. I actively translated it in Hindi for a few weeks but currently due to being away from broadband access, I'm on a halt and resume it once I get hold of fast internet access. The translation application can be accessed at For inputting text in Hindi you can use Google Transliterate where you can write phonetic spelling of a non-english word in english and it will display the word in your language for you! Or even fast is the desktop application for transliteration which can be downloaded from through which you can directly input in your language by typing its phonetic spelling in English. Go, give it a try!
9. How about some entertainment?
Entertainment energizes the mind. So, isn't it a catalyst for being constructive? Go and read You won't be able to stop your laughter!
10. Be nostalgic
So, everything failed? Be nostalgic! How? Go to your GMail inbox and start reading the mails from the last page!!!! This really works(provided you have a fairly old account). Or you may also start reading last page of your orkut scrapbook or facebook wall.


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