Saturday, December 27, 2008

Automatic Wallpaper Changer in Ubuntu

Remember "Webshots Desktop" on windows??? 'Twas a cool program which thrived in Windows 98 age. It used to change wallpapers automatically at fixed time intervals. But it used to sit in the system tray and eat up lots of valuable resources. Now, its the Ubuntu Era!!! Ubuntu is catching up in the Desktop OSes race. So, a boring evening and I thought of finding the best automatic wallpaper changer for GNOME. After lots of googling I found many options. Most of them were python scripts, adaptation of someone else's starving labour!!! Scripts aren't good for newbies and like to whew them away. I tried some of them, some worked and others tried mixing up the grey matter inside my mind. At last I found a nice one with intuitive GUI. Its called "wallpaper-tray". To install it, search for it in "Synaptic Package Manager" and install it. After installation open a terminal and type "wallpaper-tray" and hit that damned "Return" button!!! You can select a folder(or multiple ones) from which images will be displayed. Set the time in minutes for shuffling. To add it in Startup, so that you don't need to launch it manually everytime you boot, just open the "System" menu, there click "Sessions" in the "Preferences" submenu. Add it there. And you're done! And , its not a resource hog like the nasty Webshots on Windows.
Enjoy ;)

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farrst said...

Cheers for that buddy - question answered. I'm off to try it in mint