Friday, August 27, 2010

Download Managers on LINUX

My college provides me an awesome fast internet. Actually it is a 1Gbps link which is shared among all the users in the institute. Using download managers(like FDM) I easily achive speeds within 2MB/s to 3.5MB/s on Windows. But on Linux I was never be able to cross 1200KB/s. That was because most DMs don't support fragmented downloading. Then I went on to review all the download managers on Linux and find one best among them all.

1. MultiGet
MultiGet has issues with the proxy implementation in my college. I tried hard but it didn't let me download anything so it was out.

2. KGet
It gets across my institute's proxy server but doesn't do fragmented downloading.

3. GWget
It is essentially a graphical front end to wget, which too doesn't support fragmented downloads.
4. FatRat
It is a featureful download manager for Linux. It supports BitTorrents and rapidshare downloads but I couldn't find no. of fragments in configuration. So, I've to look elsewhere.
5. Downloader 4 X
It supports fragmented downloads! And I easily crossed the 2MB/s mark!!!! That was where I stopped. To achieve this, I went to Options>General and there in the left pane chose Limits. There I could adjust the number of parts to split the file. I set the value to 10 and started enjoying the speed.
6. Aria2c
Happy with D4X, I thought I should stop my hunt. But then I thought I should try the well known Aria downloader. It is a command line based download manager and very popular. I tried that and it supports fragmented downloads.
The following command made me download Fedora 13 into 12 segments. Note that the command line parameter -s is used to specify the number of segments for the download and the parameter --http-proxy allows me to cross my college's proxy cum firewall. xxxxx is the proxy password and ise2010012 is the username.

aria2c -s 12 --http-proxy=http://ise2010012:xxxxx@

If you love command line, this is for you. I do love it!
Please note that any of these download managers can be easily downloaded using your Linux distribution's built-in package manager by searching the name.


Unknown said...

Don't forget DTA DownThemAll, the firefox segmented downloading add on.

prab97 said...

Yeah right! I forgot to include it. And thats because I've shifted to Google Chrome due to its sheer speed on Linux.