Sunday, October 26, 2008

Old School Games

Its 2008! The PC games require gigs of RAM, a hefty graphics card and a processor that crunches numbers really fast. My 3+ year old PC can't withstand the sheer length of coding involved in latest games, so I keep sticking to old games.
One sunny day, when there was no college; I got nostalgic about an old game called SPEEDKAR which I had played in 1998 in school when I was studying in 6th grade. So, I decided to find the lost thing. After a lot of googling I finally found it!! Yes, and whole lots of old school games like DAVE, PRINCE, PRINCE1, MARIO, SPEEDKAR, ISLAND HOPPER on a site which has the full collection of old DOS games. Here is the damn link. Just go and search for your lost game and 97% chance is that you'll find it. But wait, on clicking a game name you may not be able to download it because they've messed with the a tag. Just right click any game then copy link address and paste in address bar of your browser and then correct the link by removing 8 to 11th characters from beginning.

Ok, so you've downloaded your favourite game but your PC isn't emulating the sound effects correctly. Just download VDMS and see the magic!!! VDMS sits between your game and Windows and translates game sound effects properly and routes to your sound card. Download VDMS here.
If you are on Vista and still having problems then just use DOSBox which is a pure DOS emulator. Get it here. If you're having problems using DOS Box then don't ask me, because I haven't used it. And I assume that you're not a newbie in computers so you can solve these kind of small problems yourself instead of bugging me.

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