Sunday, October 26, 2008

TOR - The Onion Router

Sometimes when I get bored, I engage myself in some black activities on net like trying to crack into servers and much more which I am not going to detailize here. Well, to anonymize myself and save from wrath of some of the creepiest system administrators I use proxies(like everyone). But searching for a working proxy is a pain sometimes. Although there are some programs with predefined proxy lists but they are either trial or paid or crap!!!
While delving for a feasible solution I came to know about The Onion Router - the best solution to all anonymity woes!
TOR connects you to your requested site through a networked virtual tunnel of relays.
For more information visit their site.
TOR itself is not a HTTP proxy, it acts as a SOCKS proxy. The download from their site is called Vidalia bundle, and contains Privoxy which works as an HTTP proxy so you can use any browser. I am not going into detail of how to use TOR to anonymize yourself because they themselves have such a good and informative site. Just visit them and know everything about TOR.

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