Saturday, February 7, 2009

My first online earning!!

I'm a netizen since June 2001, but never earned anything on net. Last year, I thought why shouldn't I try earning something using the Internet???? And finally I got success in selling a script for $80USD. I received the payment in my PayPal account. The customer was an Australian.
But PayPal deducted $5.02USD as their fee!!! lol
I'm planning to invest that amount in purchasing a nice webhosting plan for my dream site. I, after a few hours of Googling found that is the best for me. But the 2 year expert plan requires $94.80USD. I'm almost $20USD short of that in my account. Ok, lets see how do I manage the rest. Being a student, I don't have any credit card so can't even get the restrictions lifted from my PayPal account.
I'm attaching a screenshot here.

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