Sunday, May 3, 2009

Higher Computer Education Online

Who says higher technical education is costly in India??? lol Many say!! And it is true to a large extent. Most of the talented students never get a chance to get themselves enrolled in IITs or NITs for a reason or another. But still the talented ones have passion to study and get what they deserve, through a bypass route. Admission to private engg. institutions is pretty easy but they charge loads of money. And, barring a few, most of them have pretty low grade quality of education.
SOciety apart, let me come to the point. Ambitious and passionate create their own paths to success! I'm writing this post to help such students find appropriate targetted study stuff online. Most of the stuff pertaining to the syllabi of B.E./B.Tech is available online but scattered quite badly. On performing a few searches, I found lots of stuff online that I'm enumerating here.

0. NPTEL Online Stuff
NPTEL stands for National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning and is an initiative from various IITs to provide IIT lecture notes and videos to non-IITians online. So, far the best congregation of online study material for engineering students.

1. Rai Foundation Open Courseware
Rai university has its lecture notes online as per its open courseware program. Here's the link to the stuff for B.E./B.Tech in CS/IT and BCA/MCA:
Almost all the subjects of most of the university syllabi are covered. AICTE already has recommended a uniform syllabus for all technical universities.

2. Springer Link
Springer link has a congreagation of high level papers related to all the fields of engineering. Here's the link to computer science section. Use the search box in the right pane to find your desired syllabus.

3. FreeTechBooks
FreeTechBooks.Com has open source public domain books for computer science and IT branches. A really good one:

4. IIT Lectures on YouTube
Recently IIT launched a program according to which all the classroom lecture videos will be made online on YouTube. Follow the link and search for ur subject. Now, you don't need to be in IIT to study in IIT

5. WikiPedia
Leaving WikiPedia in the list will be a big blunder! WikiPedia has the largest congreagation of human knowledge on the Internet. To search for a particular topic on WikiPedia, type the following query in Google Search box and hit the I'm Feeling Lucky button:
site:"" <topic name>

site:"" Dynamic Programming

Thats enough dose for now! Study well, and bring up a bright future for yourself and for India. Jai Hind!!!


mantiz said...

really informative, thanks :)
i'd like to add one more to the list though, i find the NPTEL notes quite useful ( )

prab97 said...

Oh, yeah!!! I just forgot it. Thanks!!! I gonna edit da post and add it too :-)

Unknown said...

I am the student on computer system technician program in a community college. I think computer education is must needed in this era of technology. Today, computer almost used in all corporate field weather it is accounting, technology, sports, education you will find computer every where. So, computer education is must for all. You have mentioned several good links which are very useful for computer education.

Thanks for your post