Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Computer geeks are best lovers!!!

A survey performed among IT professionals in U.K. revealed that computer geeks/fanatics/enthusiasts prove to be best lovers in their real lives!!! pmpl!
It further revealed that computer nerds are selfless and adventurous and can do things different from the world, for the person they love. 82% people in the survey accepted that they value their partner's preferences over their own. It was also brought into focus that people who are always worried about their fitness were selfish.
Well, it is just another survey and I generally don't believe in survey reports done in U.S/U.K. by a bunch of people who don't have anything else to do. But from my personal life experience, I've felt that the survey report in the above one is true to an appreciable extent. My two best friends who are computer experts, are really selfless, good natured, monogamic and passionate about their love.
Whatever be the truth, who cares? I just wrote this up because it is related to the lifestyle of computer lovers and this blog is primarily a technology blog. So some of the readers may have some interest in it.


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