Friday, September 11, 2009

2 Months!

I posted here last over two months ago. The period in between, didn't let me have time/resource to post. There have been many updates in my life since then. One thing that I forgot to post here, that happened earlier than 2 months ago was the purchase of a TFT LCD monitor. It was a SAMSUNG 16'', I forgot the model number. I left it at home so can't check now. I had purchased it in 3rd week of June, for Rs.5350.
Other updates in my life include a personal one, and a few academic and some technical ones. A notable thing that happened to me was that my P1i fell several times on hard floor while I was at home and its side cover now tends to come out. Fortunately I did some extreme engineering and fixed the side covers in place by pasting them through FeviKwik!!!!! Hehehe
Another update is that I got a new notebook and purchased a Reliance Data Card for using internet. I'll post individually about them.
A yet another update is that my 6th Sem exam results have been declared and I got 76.44% marks. That is pretty much if I consider the little amount of time that I spend on studies! ROFL
So, now the bandwagon of my blog should carry on. I\ll post about my new notebook soon.

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