Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Site

On 19th of this month I purchased a new shared hosting plan from Umbrahosting. I couldn't get one from IXWebhosting cuz of some technical problems. At Umbra, I chose the Planet plan. Its good. They claim to give 10 gigs of disk space, 100 gigs transfer per month, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited mail accounts, unlimited add-on domains, a free domain, unlimited DBs, unlimited subdomains and all other bells and whistles that any other host offers!!! Looks great!!! They charge $6.99 per month. On using the coupon code 20off I got a discount of 20% and got it for one year for only $59.99. They support payment through non-verified PayPal accounts too.SO far, the service seems pretty good. They had some downtime problems on their barbara server on which my site is hosted but it was resolved quickly. The support department is good and they respond very quick to tickets. My first ticket was replied just after 16 minutes of creation. They use cpanel for the management which is the best of all hosting control panel softwares. OS they use is centOS. The response times are pretty fast. The domain I took as free was
But I wanted so I purchased it from Rediff and added to the site.
About the site
IndiFun has been my most dreamt off project since mid last year. I've been working on it with my oldest net friend REY619 but due to bad lucks hitting at regular intervals we coluldn't manage to run it smoothly and were always jumping from host to host. Free hosts suck!!!! We jumped from VNDV to Orgfree, to to Freehostia and all of them are crap as hell!!! Finally we got a paid hosting solution and an stable site now. Now I aspire to carry IF to new heights.
IF is basically a mobile community based on the leaked ravingwap script in PHP, with several mods and added features that we both coded together. It works on low-end phones, hi end phones and PCs seamlessly. Check it out yourself if you're connected in someway to mobile sites. Click
If you're interested in purchasing the script just ask me. The price is $80 for non-Indian users and Rs.3000 INR for Indian users. Payments accepted through PayPal for non-Indians. For Indians, direct bank funds transfer is an added option.

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