Saturday, December 26, 2009

3 idiots - Review

Exactly after 365 days, he strikes again! On Dec 25th, 2008 Ghajini was released and this family movie was perfect for all audiences without any single minus point! Now, after an year, 3 idiots, recites the show! Although not perfect for all audiences, because of some comedy not fit for watching with your families, it is a must watch for all Engineering students, and other members of the species called College Students. It was hyped to be based on Chetan Bhagat's novel- 5 point someone, but I would rather say it is inspired from the bestseller novel. The story revolves round Amir Khan(Rancho), his two friends, and their college's principal and his daughter. Amir Khan, an advocate of acquiring knowledge rather than getting a degree has done it well. Some of his engineering excellences in the movie are worth loads of applause. The message spread by the movie is "Don't run after success. Go for excellence in your own subject of interest, and success will run after you." Most children, especially in North India are forced to choose either Engineering stream, or Medical(especially girl child) by their parents, thinking that these two are the only ways, a child can build a successful career in. But the movie strikes this idea hard with a hammer and preaches that build your own career in the subject of your interest. Be excellent in your field, and success will chase you. The movie also raises the issue of mental pressure(to perform) on the students of top institutions who sometimes try to end the struggle with a suicide saying "I quit". The faulty education system is training students, not educating them.
The movie never bores the audience during whole three hours. It will keep you hooked to your chair/seat throught. I will give this movie 10 on 10!!! If you haven't watched, do it now!!!!!!!!!!!

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