Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Whats new with me?

Hello readers! I've been away from my blog since quite some time. I was busy with my semester exams whole of this month. And 7th Semester was full of activities in the college, so I couldn't get time to keep posting here. And there was one more reason for me to keep myself busy. Well, I ain't going to tell that right away :P
So, the major update from my side is that I am preparing for GATE-2010 with an aim to get myself admitted to M.Tech course in Computer Science from IISc, or one of my favourite IITs(Bombay, Kanpur and Delhi). I had deep interest in Computers since Std.8th, and that was one of the reasons why I didn't pay attention to the syllabus while preparing for AIEEE/JEE and was crushed badly!!!! I didn't had any interest in AIEEE syllabi. I wanted to study computers only. lol! But now, I have a chance to study computer science only and appear in All India level competition to assess the strength of my interest. The paper is on 14th Feb -Valentine's day! :P 52 days left!!!!
I'll try to keep posting from now onwards, at least once a week.

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